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Crack dish syndrome


Ok…I have named a new Fibromyalgia thing with me.
I call it cracked dish syndrome. I used to have a cabin full of good dishes and glasses. Now there getting cracked and chipped. I thought it might be my vision so I went to the Opthomologist. A small change in my gasses was the only thing he could find “for which I am very greatful”. So…does anyone else have a problem with depth perception or am I just becoming amazingly clumsy!!:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::crazy_face::crazy_face:


Hello Sherri5!

Very interesting point to bring up. I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia about three years ago and since then I have found my vision slowly getting worse. Now, mind you, I have worn glasses since I was in 5th grade and I am now 26 years old. I have never had very much change in my vision all throughout my life.
Last year, though, my vision took a drastic turn for the worse. I found out that I have Keratoconus (I think I spelled it right? lol) which is a degenerative condition of the eye. I had to be referred to a special eye surgeon and fit with specialty hard contact lenses and I have to have eye surgery in a few years.

Funny thing about this is that I have ALWAYS been known as the clutzy one of the family. I am that person that trips on air, rolls my ankle wearing flats, walks into opened doors, etc. I have been called accident prone by everyone. But the moment I put in my new hard contact lenses that manages my keratoconus, I started to cry because I couldn’t believe how different things looked. I didn’t realize how bad my depth perception was off! Since I have been wearing these contacts (since March) I have not been clumsy at all.

I have been told that fibromyalgia can mess with your vision but I have no idea if my fibromyalgia is connected to my keratoconus. I am going to guess no since it is a genetic thing that can pop up all of a sudden and out of nowhere. But the whole depth perception/vision worsening thing is something that I have struggled with even more so after I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia three years ago.

I have noticed if I am having a really bad week of pain and flare ups, my vision is extra fuzzy and blurry even with my contacts in. I assume its caused because of my flare ups.

Fibromyalgia is so funny sometimes. Seems to be so intertwined with various other issues that effects some people and not others.



Bless your heart! I’m very happy for you that they found the cause for your bad vision. I agree with you. When I’m having a bad flare, along with all the other stuff my vision tends to be a little hazy and blurry. I think those of us that suffer this weirdness all have some of the same symptoms but Fibro is a very personal illness. We are all on our individual journeys. But it very comforting to has support like this. No one knows but us what it’s like to have this C___. Peace be with you on your journey :hugs:


I know I have a problem with depth perception that has gotten worse over time. I knock over anything put in front of me.


I’ve started using a Yeti cup with a lid. At least when I knock it over not a whole lot spills. :crazy_face:


I do seem to have dept perception problems. My eyes have not changed but I do have cataracts developing.