Covid-19, Fibromyalgia and travel Question

I was wondering if anyone has heard whether it is ok to travel outside of the country (Jamaica) when you have Fibro, undifferentiated connective tissue disease, raynauds, inflammatory arthritis and I am 61 years old.i am suppose to leave this Saturday March 14th and have been arguing with my husband about whether I should go. My concern is going through the airport Chicago Ohare. And customs in Jamaica. Also I want to make sure I can get back and I dont run out of my meds! I’m a little anxious about this and leaving soon! Any point of views?
Thanks Hippiemon

You would need to be directly exposed to someone who is actively sick. If you practice good hygiene, and you’re not coughed on by someone who is sick with it, you’ll be fine.

That said, I would also be concerned. I would have serious second thoughts about traveling, including the risk of facing quarantine upon arriving back home. Where I live in New York, the infection is spreading rapidly, and school districts are starting to shut down. So the risk is not theoretical anymore in my area. Thankfully I’m not in the town that is the epicenter of the infection, New Rochelle.

Ultimately, the decision will be yours. If the anxiety is too overwhelming, I would consider not going. If you can manage your concerns, then go ahead, and have a wonderful time!

Sharon from ModSupport

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Right now, I’d be more concerned with the corona virus. Have no idea how that would make those of us with fibro, and other problems, feel. I have the feeling it would make our fibro go nuts. Here in Vas, NV, it is just starting to hit, some of the buffets are changing things, like closing much earlier, having the staff only do the serving to avoid people handling the utensils, the VA hospital has some employees in self quarantine now. It’s picking up speed here daily. Tom Hanks and his wife have it, they’re in Australia. Jamaica has 1 confirmed case—that can change quickly. I suggest you keep tabs on what’s happening there before going. You could also wind up getting stuck there in quarantine. Just not a Good time for travel.

Thanks so much for your reply! I am more concerned about going through customs and the airport than anything. When I’m in Jamaica I am pretty much quarantined, we rent a house and don’t go anywhere. As long as my step daughters coming from New York don’t bring anything and I don’t mean suitcases! I will be fine. Still if I take enough xanax I dont know I guess I will pack and see how I feel by Saturday. They also canceled the NBA games!!

Thanks Sharon I am so not sure what to do. It seems everyone is canceling everything except me!! Google is closed my son is working from home. My daughters trip for new PHD students at Columbia University in NY was canceled and they are going to do that remotely. How you visit a campus and meet professors remotely is beyond me. The NBA just canceled the season! Meanwhile my other son who has depression is in the basement making his own hand sanitizers! Sanjay Gupta just told me on CNN don’t travel if your over a certain age and have medical issues! And my stepdaughters who live in NYC are meeting us in Jamaica. Hopefully they are ok and only bring their clothes with them and leave the virus behind!!! My son told me not to use the bathroom at the airport (not easy for someone with an over active bladder Lol) I will be flying from Chicago so I hope that all the people from Europe who planned to go to the US and cant now don’t go to Jamaica!! Thanmk you for letting me vent!

Hello Hippiemon,
In my life as a nurse; and in situations exactly like yours, my motto was(and still is!) ‘When you’re on the fence about a thing, best to stay on the SAFE side of that fence.’
Your concerns are valid. Running out of meds could happen. Fibro aside; ( and please don’t take this wrong!!) your age alone puts you at a much higher risk. But the CDC and just about every health professional who’s been asked ALL agree that an older adult; especially with chronic underlying health conditions should take extra care.
Be well and best of luck!

Hi N8trluvr,
Thank you so much for that advice. I’m so glad I thought of asking this amazing support group. After asking my doctors, this forum plus multiple friends and of course hearing what my adult children have to day to me and knowing all along my gut feeling kept telling me dont travel now. With the fluidity of the day to day changes in the spread of Covid-19 I would not be able to call this a vacation. So I will be hanging out safely and happily at home. Even though my boyfriend/husband of 14 years will go and meet his daughters in Jamaica for a few weeks that’s his choice. I am very happy to hang out with my kids who now have to work from their homes and my daughter who now has to try and finish this semester of grad school from her apartment! It’s also important to be socially consious and aware and stop travelling to different countries. Maybe if we just take things seriously for a month it will start to slow down. I guess easily said than done! Thank. You again!!

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I had a nice 2 week family vacation planned starting mid-may. Going to Florida. But since no one had any sense and gathered in big crowds on the beaches for spring break, it looks like Florida is shutting down I paid for 5 airline tickets in November. they are not giving refunds, just reschedules but that has to be within 30 days. Disappointed yes. But now my daughter has the virus and is very sick. Lots of things going wrong lately… maybe frustration is why I hurt all over much more than usual.