Coping with kids

I’m new to this group but have suffered for almost 18 years and I’m only 28 :(.
I am really struggling to cope. Some days to brush my teeth can cause me so much pain and exhaustion. My other half doesn’t understand at all and always moans that he does what takes me a week to do in 1 hour.
My biggest worry is when my children go to school… my eldest is almost 3 and really wants to start nursery (begs me every day) but it is so expensive and we can’t really afford it but what would be worse is if I can’t get her there as we would still have to pay. Also when she start school in just over a year, every day she doesn’t go I will be fined £60. I’m a terrible mum now as I want to do so much with my kids and when it comes down to it I can’t do very much if anything at all. It’s very rare that I can pick my two and a half year old up. We don’t go out unless someone comes with me as I’m terrified that something might happen and I won’t have the strength to deal with it.
I have to stop for a bit now as my fingers are starting to ache and I have a lot more to say if anyone is willing to listen/read.

It’s hard…I have a 7yr and 14, luckily they can do things for themselves. I am recently diagnosed. I could not image having this while they were little. Even still they don’t understand when we can’t go do certain things. It good you take someone with you, maybe a teenager looking to make extra money can come help on your bad day? Sending hugs…

hi samantha. i dont have little ones but i can imagine how difficult it must be. I think others that have small children will be better to share that experience and how they are managing;. but i do send you much love and BIG HUGGGGGGGGS

i wish you the best.


I’m so sorry. I completly get where you are coming from about your husband not understanding. My boyfriend always makes comments that I don’t clean fast enough or enough as I don’t get the laundry done as fast as I should…but it’s hard for me. I’m only 18 and iv been having symptoms since I was about 13. I’m really worried about when I have kids… I hope you find a way to cope with it and get your children to school. Best of luck, Mikayla.

I am so sorry to hear of your suffering, and please keep,sharing your story, even if you do it in installments. I think what you have to say is terribly important.

My situation is a bit different as my child is now 14 and was 11 when I was first diagnosed. But last year I did experience some thing similar as in I have my daughter in private swimming lessons, and our winter was so brutally cold ( I live in the Canadian Prairies), that I found I was in pain a lot from the cold and we missed almost all the classes from January to June. I think we went twice. I felt terrible guilt, although I am lucky my daughter understood as she is older, but it is a huge waste of money as I am a single parent.

I am curious, are there no provisions offered for people with disabilities who have difficulty getting their kids to school? £60 seems awfully harsh!!!

We are hear for you and please keep sharing? I send you many hugs as you work through all of this. Sorry that your hubby isn’t more supportive right now, but hopefully he will come around eventually. Hugs x 1000

Hi everyone thank you for your responses. Just to clarify his my boyfriend of nearly 7 years I doubt he will ever be my husband for two reason one if he can’t understand and sympathise and two we need to win the lotto to pay for it. Both my girls were very grateful accidents as we very rarely do the deed and in the space of nearly 4 years we had sex 3 times and had two babies now I’m terrified. I’m on a new birth control but it didn’t work before so I still don’t trust it now. Speaking of sex do you guys have any libido? I don’t!! Also It drains me and the next day I can barely move. Are you the same?

I’m not to sure about the school. I like to hope they will be understanding otherwise I will have to home school and that wouldn’t be good for her :frowning: