Constant Sweating?

My family sweats a lot anyway, but it seems like since I've been on my Gabapentin and Cymbalta that I sweat constantly. I'm not talking about a glistening sheen of sweat....I'm talking my hair is wet from my neck sweating and my face looks like I just splashed water all over me. Does anyone else have this problem? Is it the medicine (could be from my blood pressure medicine also, but I think I've had this longer than I've been on my blood pressure medicine) or just another odd symptom of Fibro?

Hello smalltowngirl,

That is an interesting question, I am curious to know others experiences. For me the Fibro decided to visit me about the time i was going through the Menopause, so I was experiencing hot flushes anyway. These have continued tho' and I am way past Menopause! It is exactly as you describe, suddenly my forehead is dripping with sweat, very attractive! Does the leaflet that comes with your meds mention this as a side effect?

Take care, Anne

Hi SmalltownGirl, yes, excessive sweating can be a side-effect of Cymbalta as well as many other antidepressants. I also take Imitrex for migraines and sweating can be a side-effect of that too. I was having terrible episodes while I was in Nordstroms shopping, LOL, now I have clothes shipped to my home and try them on there (free shipping and returns!) You didn’t mention how long you’ve been on the Cymbalta, if you’ve started it fairly recently then you might want to wait to see if the sweating subsides. If it doesn’t get better, then you could talk to your doc about maybe switching to Savella, it is in the same class of meds but may cause less sweating for you. The sweating is definitely less for me on Savella, but I still keep my AC on and have my clothes delivered!

I also take Cymbalata and Gabapentin. I seem to be warm in bed and usually I am cool. Also, I seem to never have sweat much most of my life until now. I sweat not as severe as you but I have never worn under arm protect and now I have to every day. Not sure how the Medes have caused this to happen but it has. I eat a low sodium diet all my life and feel it has helped until now.

My my my- never seems to end with this condition, meldications we take and being able to sleep and awak refreshed seems it goes on and on.

In my opinion, it's probably the Cymbalta.

We've had this discussion from time to time and it always comes down to being the Cymbalta. And yes, like you splashed water on yourself, a soaking sweat. I believe it's even listed as a side effect of Cymbalta.

If you want to look through past discussions on the matter, feel free to go to the very top of your computer screen, on the right side, and you will see a small box where you can type in a search criteria, like "sweat" and it will pull up past related posts or entire discussions.

If you are menopausal, it could also be that. I know I'm experiencing night sweats from it, so those stories are true.

I have the same problem but I am currently taking no medications, I sweat so much I often wake up from my sleep or during the day even if it isn’t too hot I over sweat, I hope this helps.


I'm not on any medication other than Percocet and valium, neither of which cause sweats. I know that I swear even when I'm chilled. I wake up every morning with wet hair, even on mornings when I hadn't taken any medication the night before. It could be a combination of the fibro and the meds or just one or the other.

Sweating is by far the most common skin condition fibromites have, “32%”, research has confirmed.
To outsource info on treating sweating from my symptom & treatment lists
I’m reviving this thread, as it is the most recent one of 3 which have that word or ‘perspiration’ in the title and because Ron @Fearski is still actively around… and can give us an update :slight_smile:

Treatments / Ideas:
Treat with tablets, mineral powders, botox, change clothes, mattresses, furosemide, HRT, Balance App by Dr. Louise Newson(?), Neat 3B face saver, oxybutenin, clonodine hydrochloride. Is it SFN or CRPS-I? Might GABA help? Or caused by meds like duloxetine & other antidepressants?).

Myself, I’ve always been a bit of a sweater, which was considerably reduced by fibro, meaning I had to change my t-shirts less often; until my TCM-acupressurist restored my cold tolerance again by activating the “inner cooking pot” which stabilized my temperature tolerance again. So I’ve never had reason to think of it in terms of fibro.
But now I’ve had a look at the studies on sweating (hyperhidrosis) on pubmed and seen

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Well I’m not a sweater and then I started Cymbalta a few years back and all of a sudden my sweat glands seemed to be much more active. I was on Cymbalta for a few years and never connected the sweating to the drug. Then I stopped the drug and it’s been two years now and seems I’m back to my normal sweating. After reading the post I now see have my sweating might of been connected to the drug.

After I looking back at several of the drugs I was on and how their side effects caused several side effects I’m glad I was able to slowly take myself off several of them.

Thankfully for me, the more I am active and after working with a nutritionist on what foods to eat to help my body deal with Fibro I was able to manage my pain with less medication.

I know all of you have all different levels of pain plus may have other health issues combined with your Fibro. It’s all about looking for ways to allow ones body to manage itself from within us using good eating practices, exercise, meditation and surrounding yourself with positive people who understand your condition.

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