I have just spent 3 hours looking for my purse (wallet I guess you would call it) Was nearly in tears getting more and more frustrated as time went on. Round and round searching all over, most places 3 or 4 times. Then panic began to set in, everything was in it bank cards, work registration, driving license and of course money. Went back to the store I had visited to see if I had left it there, no luck. On returning home hubby was laughing at me, while I was out he had to get something from the fridge and there it was sitting on top shelf. Heard about freezing your cash flow but this is going bit far. LOL. Just thought I would lighted mood a bit.

i often lose my cell phone and have to call it while i look around the house. i often cant remember what hoodie i had on so i end up looking for the wrong one and when i cant find it i have to ask someone where it is. so dont feel bad.

Boy were you lucky.

Rattled that is a great idea !!! I often ask my son, call my phone I can’t find it… But what do I do if he is not home… Hmmm put a song on my phone, so when I get an e-mail it sings. Go to the computer and e-mail myself… Lol that’s brilliant …


Hi annann!

Oh that is such a scare! Glad you retrieved it! Everything should have a panic button on it for us! I am so thankful that I have one on my car, it surely does get used!

I always say, look in the places you would least expect to find it. Sometimes that's where you'll find it or just go straight for the couch cushions. Atleast you might find some money or candy during your search.

Lol. I can sooo relate! I found the toothpaste in the fridge and the ketchup in the bathroom an hour after i unpacked my groceries. Was havin a bad day.

I lost my keys the other day right before I was going on a trip that I was always anxious about. I looked in my bedroom at least 3 times and when I came back in I finally saw them on the dresser. LOL. Wasn't funny at the time but looking back I can laugh.

I lost my keys in my hand yesterday.

my bf laughed when i told him that is why it took me so long in the house.

thats funny i opened the fridge last night to get dinner and relized i put a can of soup in there that i decided not to make for lunch yesturday

same issue