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Conflict between medications?

I have been taking the following but now have been told I should not be taking all of them for various reasons. Am I ok to continue or should I be doing something different? This came from a concerned friend not a doctor, etc.

Sertraline (Zoloft) 100 mg every morning for depression

Alprazolam (Xanax) .5 mg 3x daily or as needed for anxiety (I should be taking this one more often but as I only have a limited number I usually wait to take it until the anxiety nearly reaches the panic attack stage first :frowning_face: )

Tylenol Arthritis 1300 mg 3x daily

Ibuprofen 400 mg 3x daily

Aleve 24hr 1x daily

I was told the Ibuprofen and Aleve are basically the same so I should not be taking both as I am in essence overdosing on them and I shouldn’t be taking them with the Sertraline either because that will cause bad interactions.

Are they right? If so, what else could I take OTC? With the above I can, with activity restriction, usually keep my pain levels at about a 5 or 6 unless I am flaring bad in which case they really don’t help at all. On a really good day (very rare!) I might hit a 4.

I would talk to my PCP or maybe the Psychiatrist who is 'scripting the xanax & zoloft. You can also talk to your Pharmacist- Right at his/her fingertips is knowledge. Love, Light & Peace. Maggi.

I agree about talking to your pharmacist. I definitely see a potential problem with all the NSAIDs (Aleve & Ibuprophen) because they can tear up your stomach and cause ulcers. I can no longer take NSAIDs ever again because of a gastric ulcer that wouldn’t heal for a year.

Can you tell me how to find out about a ketogenic low oxalate diet? Would a nutritionist know how to recommend for it?

Who has you on that combination? If it’s your PCP I strongly urge you to get in with a good psychiatrist. PCPs are very limited in their knowledge of combinations and various drugs to try. For your pain, a pain specialist or rheumatologist are your best bets. Make sure that all of your doctors believe that Fibromyalgia is real and are willing to work with you on it. As for the myriad alternative treatments suggested by Wendita38 I have to admit that I have little knowledge of most of them but I say try as much as you can and what appeals to you. Massage helps me but most of the alternative treatments are not covered by insurance. I’m currently using a water based treatment called ASEA. Jury is still out on that. Gotta find what works for you.

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Thanks for your prompt response.

What is ASEA? What is red light therapy?

This is a question for your doctor only! It is above your friends pay grade!!! Also, if you don’t want to talk with your doctor for some reason, at least discuss with a pharmacist. Best of luck.

Wendita38 - Thank you for your suggestions - I will have to check out some of them. The church I used to belong to was very much into herbal/natural supplements, detoxes, and using diet to treat illnesses, etc. So, I think I have tried about every herbal/natural supplement combination and several diets looking for help. I haven’t tried the diet you mentioned though so I will have to check it out.

I have used biofreeze in the past but hadn’t seen it till recently again, so will try it again. I got some today and a heating pad. I have tried muscle creams - various brands with various results - some seem to help more than others but I do have a couple that seem to help better than the others.

The meditation and music I will have to check out, I’ve never heard of them, but they sound interesting.

I was prescribed the Zoloft and Xanax by my pcp for depression and anxiety. That was 4/5 months ago. He has refused to do anything for the pain, fatigue, etc. up to this point as he believes “that is just the depression.” I am hoping when I go back the first part of Oct. that he will address the rest of it. So the rest that I take are what I have done to try and cope.

I know depression can cause pain, fatigue, foggy thinking, etc. but I think that can also be an “easy out” answer. For me, the medication was making a difference in the depression within 3 weeks as others noticed a improvement and by 6 weeks I could see a marked improvement and it has only gotten better since then. But that is only in the depression - not the pain, etc. I also feel it is more than just the depression as I have dealt with the pain and such for nearly 14 years almost constantly; whereas the depression has been more off and on although I have dealt with it for a longer time period overall. And also, when the pain has been the most intense, has not always been I’ve had the most trouble with the depression.

Like I said, I am hoping that when I go in Oct. we can start to look for other answers. I don’t know how far I will get as he hasn’t been to keen to check things out so far and with no insurance I don’t have much to put towards a lot of dr. visits and tests either.

Sounds like it might be time to get a more educated pcp. How frustrating for your dr to tell you it’s just depression! That’s very outdated thinking! Mayo Clinic, John Hopkins and Cleveland Clinic all have fibro clinics. I think they know what they’re doing. Have you heard about the blood test that’s been developed to diagnose fibro? It will lend validity to fibro as an illness. I did a thread on this website about it. Check it out! It’s very interesting stuff.

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