Common cold

Since I'm new to Fibromyalgia I'm not sure how FM is affected by the common cold or vice versa. I'm starting to feel one coming on (possibly a common cold) and I'm not sure how to prevent or take care of it.

In the past I would avoid the symptoms and just keep working, working, working! Its difficult for me to take time off but I'm starting to feel worse than I have ever experienced.

Has anyone else dealt with this?

I use a 50mg Zinc tablet everytime a family member walks into my home sniffling, or coughing or sneezing, I take one after I have a snack or small meal (sometimes I get nauseous if I don't) If I do get a cold it lasts 3 or 4 days vs. 7 or 9. Since you are exposed to germs all work day long you may have to expirament on yourself to see what works for you. M


My experience with the common cold/flu and FMS is that I feel worse x2. Not only is the cold affecting my body, but I feel more achy. It does feel like it takes longer to recover than the average person. Instead of lasting 2-3 days, it lasts 5-6. I have found that hot tea and vitamin C are very helpful, but I know those aren't out of the ordinary. Also, a very hot bath with steam helps. The bath helps the aches and the hot steam helps the sinuses. I know it is hard to take time off of work but because of the cold and FMS, it really knocks us down. My advice is to take the time you need to recover, so the recovery period isn't so long. If you keep going and try to fight the illness rather than embrace it and rest, I have found it makes things worse. Take care of yourself : ) And give yourself the permission to do so.


Hello, I am sorry to hear you might be getting a cold, that is a bummer. For me, I definitely get more overall achy and for sure it seems to take much longer for me no longer have cold symptoms than before. My daughter will have a cold for maybe 3-5 days and I will end up with the same cold for 10 days. I try really hard to rest as much as I can, I do usually work still thru most of it but I might take a day or two off if I can. I also wash my hands a lot in general as a preventative from getting sick in the first place. Hugs!!!

Thanks you guys. I started with the liquids and made sure to decrease my work load. Great ideas! I can tell that I might be affected more intensely. That's ok! At least I'm taking care of myself better than before.