Comfort food, AKA Chicken noodle soup for the soul! I'm making 2 vats!

I have been craving homemade noodles! My ancestry is German and Dutch, who makes a better noodle? Just not up to making the noodles this time, so have several bags of the German Spaetzle noodles, that are a very close second to homemade!

It is a family tradition to always share soup with family, so I'll be sharing this with my son's clan! I'm lucky to have some homegrown onions and parsley to the mix, we have the red, white and yellow onions that my husband grows in little raised beds he made, that will be great! Will also be adding a whisper of thyme from my kitchen garden.

It's a feel good food that is good for anything!

What is your favorite comfort food?

Finally finished! Still working on the mess, always the worst part of it!

Oh my good ole chicken noodle soup comforts me. It has been so hot here in Florida I wouldn't think about making soup, but now that you mentioned this I think I need to make a pot... Thanks for sharing Sk... :)

I adore making my own noodles! I even roll my own wontons! I feel so accomplished when I get them paper thin without a sheeter!!!! Enjoy. Your soups sounds awesome.

It's the bending to make and roll them that gets me right away! Just making it with packaged noodles killed my back, had to call the hubby to the rescue to help me toward the end. I have taken several hitches at the mess and am perfectly happy letting that huge SS pot just soak! Everything else is clean!

Mashed potatoes and gravy is another of my favorite comfort foods, and though I can make gravy, my Mom's is always the best! My grandmother was awesome! She had been making bread from such a young age, she had to stand on a stool to reach her work area, and her pies were just the very best! She made home made doughnuts and sticky buns out of the same bread dough, so nothing you buy in a store or even a bake shop comes close!

mmmm...sounds awesome and reminds me of my mom a bit too. My favorite memories are of making homemade doughnuts, deep fried of course, buttermilk biscuits, and chicken and dumplings soup. Oh, and homemade eggnog during the holidays. My mom was from the south so I was only allowed a small zip of that because we didn't have to worry about someone spiking it, She already always made sure there was plenty already in it!!!