Cold symptyoms worse with fibro

i am allergic to dairy i can have american cheese and some icecream. not sure how r why. but i have only had a few glasses of soy milk in the past week. i try not to even drink that cause its thick but i am the only person who drinks it and i had a container open. do u know if soy has the same effect as dairy? all i know is there r some nights i just crave it.

as for tea i am allergic to that too it sucks. and even if i was able to drink it i couldnt put honey in it allergic to that too.

thanks for reminding me to sit in the steam. i have been taking longer showers cause i got a new massaging shower head.

i am drinking lots of oj cause my potissuim drops from all the albuterol. oj has one of the highest amount of potissium that i will consume.

thanks for all the suggustions and help.

i am sorry for not telling u that i was given one breathing treatment while there but i was told i was still whezzing alot after. i am not sure why they didnt do more than 1. i have never heard of a mucus culture before i dont think i have had one. one time they took a swab of something and told me i had rsv and now that i had it i would get it back again very easily.

the light show was great. they had tons of neat things to look at and buy the one house if u tuned your radio to the station listed the lights danced to the song playing. very cool and the money went to a good cause. it was put up at a place buy me called mooseheart. they help families in need by providing housing, health care and schools.

this whole plursey thing really sucks. having it with broncitus makes doing the neb treatments hurt. i am tring not to do them unlesss i really have too. of course i really needed one right before bed since i hadnt done one since noon. i hate doing them right before bed cause then my heart races and no my chest hurts.

i am hoping i can fall aslepp soon and tomorrow the house will be very quiet since every one but me will b at work. i can sleep in as late as i want.