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Cold Sweats Anyone?

Just throwing this out there. From time to time I will be getting ready for the day and just get cold sweats. I will feel hot, but my skin is cool, yet I’m sweating. No other symptoms (chest pain, jaw pain, etc). It is sooo annoying! Does anybody else deal with this?

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Yes and I agree it is do aggravating

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Same here. It usually starts with my head and I end up with wet hair. :weary:


I seldom get fully body sweats, but it doesn’t take much to get head sweats and then my hair is soaked. I do get hot and then cold very easy. I am with anyone who says it is very aggravating. Sometimes just getting dressed for the say causes the head sweats.


Me too!! It is so very annoying!


Yeah! I didn’t think as it that , but yeah, I get that all the time, usually in the grocery store. So many temperatures in the store, and coming in from the heat/cold. That’s all I really thought it was…


Yes but even weirder to me is that I start sweating about five minutes after eating, must be something with energy metabolism. You get used to dressing in layers, wear t shirts that look dressy as undershirts. Unpleasant.

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I have similar things happen, feel hot when it is not hot along with sweating(no cold clammy feel), cold in stores, restaurants etc when no one else is. I read in an article that fibro suffers that have hot and cold intolerances may have a malfunction of the hypothalamus gland. I have had fibro for 20 yrs - the hot and cold reactions started after about 5 years and stay with me all the time. Just another companion condition of fibro, recently read that there are 46 identified companion conditions. I have had conditions that come and go as well as many that are present all the time. Likely up to about 20 different ones in additional to all the actual fibro symptoms. I am close to deciding to try be admitted to Nashville Vanderbilt Rheumatology department for a work up. They provide a treatment plan that is implemented by a doctor in your area. They do a lot of research so they may have some treatments doctors don’t know about or are not willing to suggest. Like off label use of prescription drugs…

Every day I deal with hot flashes and cold sweat. I’m constantly putting a sweater on then taking it off and putting it on and so on and so on all day and all night. I am well past menopause. This also makes me very nauseous. Hate it. Sorry you’re having to deal with this lovely side effect.

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That sounds really interesting. Wonder how many other symptoms I have that are actually related to fibro and not just something I brush off. I so HATE the temp. intolerances. Mostly I can’t stand to be hot. Have a family reunion coming up this summer at the beach and while I’m excited to see everyone, I’m dreading the heat. Also, I will be staying with people who are cold-natured so they keep it warm in the house! Ouch!

I get nauseous frequently. Not to mention “anxiety” attacks for no reason at all. My heart will start pounding out of nowhere and I feel agitated - like electricity inside my body - and hot and then get sick to my stomach. It’s the worst when it happens at night because I can’t sleep and I feel like I’m about to jump out of my skin. It’s almost like that feeling of being “worried sick” without the worry lol.

These are unfortunately more of the wonderful happenings with fibro. My anxiety gets so bad at times I feel like I’m going to lose my mind. I also get nauseous and have been taking meds for it but I just read an interesting article last Sunday in the NY Times that sniffing rubbing alcohol it can reduce nausea. Next time I feel nauseous, I’m going to try it and will report back. So sorry you’re going thru this. So very unpleasant. Gentle ((hugs))

Even though it won’t be easy you should let your family know being outside for long periods of time is agony for you. I wonder if you experience this: once I become too hot the only way I can cool off quickly is with a cool shower, otherwise it takes a long time to feel comfortable again. I hate being too hot as well, it was so bad for me I moved from FL to TN about 7 years ago. Still have to deal with the very hot summers here but at least I have a reprieve part of the year. It is to the point I hate summer and feel like an indoor captive for the hot months. We own a timeshare in Captiva, FL right on the beach that my husband owned long before we met, I had asked him to sell it since even during our week the beginning of Nov. it still reaches the low 80s most years. I relented since I knew how much he loves the place and the family memories made there & we will keep it. However I won’t go out on the beach except early morning or at night, same with walks there.

Yes, sometimes it takes me a looooong time to cool off when I get hot. Plus I just turned 50 and dealing with hormonal hot flashes also! Yay! I have family in Florida and they are all acclimated to the heat and humidity so everyone loves to just sit outside on the porch and relax. Meanwhile when I visit (which I try to do in Feb/March), I’m just a puddle in a chair! Ha! I live in VA where it does get super hot in the summer. TN is beautiful!

Yes, rubbing alcohol actually does help with nausea. I’m a nurse and sometimes I’ll grab an alcohol wipe while at work and just wave it in front of my nose and it seems to work. Hope it works for you! Anxiety is the worst. Sometimes it’s just as bad as the pain is. So frustrating.

I hate that! I’ve actually had to leave a store while shopping because I could feel the sweat just dripping down the back of my head to my neck. So embarrassing!

Yes beautiful, but summers have been hot really hot here, I just hate summer. We are on a lake with a boat, so summer is important to my husband. I go but he understands I have my limits on when I can go out, usually in the evening so it is not too bad.

Yes I also have severe sweats. It’s so embarrassing when you’re in a store and the sweating begins. I had that experience a few days ago in Macy’s it was so embarrassing as I was trying on shoes that I had ordered and I started sweating so bad my hair was all wet along with my neck and chest. I hate that. I’m so glad to meet other people that have it too. Now I know what it is related to my fibro. Thank you.

Yes, cold and sweats. Yes, dizziness and nausea. And yes, yes, yes, WET HAIR!! And there is just no fashionable way to deal with it. It will sound strange, but I love when it is raining outside. I go to work or appointment without an umbrella. (1) It keeps me cool and (2) it hides my sweaty hair.

Remember the time Princess Diana showed up to an event with slick-back hair? We need to try to have society adopt this look. This is the only hairstyle I have any hope of emulating.


I just carry wide, terry cloth sweatbands in my purse now. When the whole back of my head, neck and hair are drenched, I just have to put one on. I get to the point where I just don’t care what it looks like, I just need some dry relief!!