CNN top story "Sleep loss may cause brain damage"

Though this report is aimed at shift workers, and truck drivers, we may top the actual charts as chronic pain sufferers. It seems this is just one of many top stories this organization has done on problems involving lack of sleep and it's consequences.

I saw this article, SK, and was afraid to post it here. It's really scary if what holds for the mice also holds for the humans. All we can hope is that there is enough of a difference that humans can compensate for the lack of sleep. And in the meantime, we'll have to try to work on getting enough sleep. There are meds out there, like amyltriptyline and noratriptyline that help to put you to sleep. Of course, one would have to check with one's doctor first, of course.

This is not a good thing to suffer from, brain damage. All I can say is that long-term sufferers who come on here and share with us seem to be quite alert, which is quite encouraging.

This was quite a shocking study. Sleep deprivation actually damages the brain. Even more reason our medical world needs to get busier at solving fibro mystery given sleeplessness is one of our main symptoms!