Circle of acceptance

I'm going around and around in this circle of acceptance vs. Rejection of this diagnosis and accompanying symptoms. My mind keeps telling me to fight this to win, but then I realize there is no winning, only coexisting. I want to win so badly though. I think this is common because we are strong, conquerers, survivors. We are special. We deserve to be happy. We deserve to feel good. We deserve to triumph; but this round is not about being triumphant, its about being tolerant and patient with ourselves. Who says we aren't winners? Getting up everyday and doing THIS, we would get the gold medal 10 times over. We will not succumb, we will not wither under the pressure. We will LIVE life to its fullest, no matter what your definition of fullest is to you. Live, live, live and don't let anyone define your life but you.


WOOO HOOO Sara, you go girl!!!

Absolutely ! And thanks for the friend request! I need some support in my fight as we all do. I think of this as a war and yes, we should all win a medal for every day victory. ! Yay to fibro warriors!