Chronic Pain Fibromyalgia/vulvodynia


I'm new to this site. Ive had fibromyalgia since I'm 23 and now I'm 39. I had a 4 year remission where i had no pain at all. There was no particular reason why I did change a thing. In fact I had my first son and I also was on no meds at the time. Now I have a second son and i was in remission during both pregnancies and during breast feeding for 7 months. Two months after I finished nursing I started having flares and theyve now been on and off for 2 years. I also have another condition which has the same symptoms as fibro its called vulvodynia. All of my symptoms are nerve pain. I get burning, tingling pains and throbbing in head on and off. I get these symptoms externally on the vulva. Its very frustrating bc I love to exercise and right now I've had a vulvodynia flare for 6 weeks now. I'm on cymbalta, elavil, and neurontin with no results. I was on lyrica and it did nothing but cause me weight gain.If anyone has a similar experience let me know thanks.

Hi winter,

Sorry to hear that the onset of fibro took place at such a young age, all of this hit me in my late 40's, though I can look back and see it at my heels. I seems common among many members that fibro seems to go into remission during pregnancy, but I have never heard a medical explanation for it.

Of all of the things on my list of ills, Vulvodynia is not one, but I do recall it being discussed, so I did a search and here is what I found in the archives. Hope this helps.

Wishing you well,


Thank you so much I appreciate it

your taking cymbalta and elavil? they are the same medication both are anti-depressants .just curious

Yes I'm taking both I thought yo couldn't either but I asked my doctor and she said it was ok.

oh, thats interesting .Im only on Elavil