Chiropractor part 2

Well today was my 2nd visit and it was great wished I had known about this years ago. So far my plan of care is to see him twice a week for 4 weeks. He has a physical therapist that works there and will be teaching me things to do at home. I will also be seeing a counselor to review my eating habits and figure out a diet for me. (I have never been on a diet in my life so this should be interesting} My daughter took me for my first massage today it was great.

Sounds like good things are happening for you, purplebutterfly! I'm so happy you are finding relief, I know my Chiropractor has help me on my feet, keeps my bones in the right place, and is a master with vitamins. So glad you are being so well taken care of and are responding so beautifully!

Keep the good news coming!


It's always so nice to hear great news. I'm so glad that you found this chiropractor. I wish I could find one that specializes in fibro like yours does. Halleluijah!!!! I am so happy for you!



Congratulations on finding a good chiropractor, as they aren't easy to find! I hope you can get a lot of the pain and stiffness addressed through these different sources. And massage is great! It sounds like you may finally find some meaningful relief. That's great. Keep us posted on your progress, okay? It'll be interesting to hear.



Hi PB, I love my chiro & my message therapist , and they both also work with me to make healthier food choices … What a huge difference !!! I’m so glad for you :slight_smile: these are three steps in the right direction

Hugs &