Childhood leg pain

I was just on the chat room and a couple of us were talking about having intense leg pain as a child? Mine was when I was about 10 years to about 25 years. My parents just said it was growing pains and m ex-husband used to have to sit on my legs, knee down as that was the only relief I could get. I remember I used to cry and cry because the pain was so bad. I'm just curious if anybody else had this problem?

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Forever and ever. The older I got the worse it got. Finally my md gave me mirapex 0.5 and this last month my Rheumy bumped it to 1.0.... What a life saver. I was on so many meds last year we tried to elimanate some when I tried to stop that omg I cried and cried it hurt so bad I was punching my legs. I will never go without that medicine again. Hugs, Robin

Sounds familiar! I actually would get progressive leg aching if I had a busy day. I thought it was normal or I wad having growing pains. But now I know this was likely the beginnings of my issues with fibro. Happened again the other day, and took two days to feel better. I always thought I was whiny and lazy!! :frowning:

Yes I got them as a child and now I still do they call it restless leg syndrome. I have my hubby lay on my legs too.

Wow! Sounds like a chapter out of my life book. I remember my Mom rubbing and rubbing them at bedtime, and putting a pillow under them. I was probably 7 or 8.
A couple of drs at Mayo, including the one I saw at their fibro clinic, believe my fibro may have started when I was that age. Makes sense to me.

Yes, I had it, the worst growing pains ever. It seems to be very common in people with fibromyalgia. Magnesium helped mine.

Oh yes,i was about 6/7 when i started,mine though was in just one leg my right,and it wasnt restless leg synfrome,as i have that now and this was more of a stabbing pain,i had to walk with my foot stuck outward to get relief,and if it gotten wet with rain it was murder,i never really said anything to my parents,why i dont know,i just put up with it,silly i know,so yes it most be common ground for some of us fibrolytes.Thanks for bringing it up.x

I had them, too. My parents thought I was faking that much pain. I couldn’t walk. They would send me to my room. I used to tie big socks around my calves. When I got restleg syndrom as an adult, I found calcium and lots of water helped.

You all are describing the pain my ten year old daughter has been going through for years.
I have never had that issue myself, but was wondering if anyone can give me some tips for her beyond massaging with essential oils, heating pads, and tylenol.
I have also wondered if she is in the beginning stages of Fibro, or just following my example-as I have it myself,and my mom too.
I am so glad this was brought up!
I sure hope she doesnt end up like so many of us!

Yes apparently growing pains is an early fibro indicator.

"Growing pains" seem to be common in people with fibro. I would think that perhaps it was the fibro, even from that early of an age. I guess that parents and doctors didn't have the medical info available back then to call them fibro pains, and thought that "growing pains" was a normal part of childhood.

It'll be interesting to see how many others had this symptom. Although I don't, I do give you sympathy for it, as it sounds like it was excruciating. Do your legs still bother you, btw? You mention the pains stopped at 25, so I'm wondering if your legs still act up at all?

Blue eyed girl, I would suggest sitting down with her and asking her if she has other fibro-related things, such as bad migraines, back/hip pain, blurry vision, stomach problems and diarrhea on a regular basis, pain in knees or elbows or upper back, etc. If she has fibro or is starting to get it, it would be good to know and establish, although I can't imagine doctors putting her on the meds that we take.

I truly hope she doesn't but if she is starting to, then there may be much better meds by the time she gets it all of the way. Or even a cure. So that's the positive note here. My rheumy feels there will be much better meds available for pain in five years or so.

I also had “growing pains” as a child–I can remember my mom rubbing my legs but I cannot remember the pain. Only recently I read somewhere that Fibros often had growing pains as a child…interesting .

blueeyedgirl, Voltaren emulgel is the best pain cream I've ever used, and it's gentle enough for a 10 year old and there's no smell. If you want something natural, Arnica gel is really helpful too,Rub A535 has an arnica cream/gel, also no smell. I wish I had those when I was 10. I remember the pain! My daughter also got fibro, but is in remission now due to a supplement called D-ribose. It has helped my fibro more than 50% too. I learned about it here:

Definatley had leg pain in my shins. Was also told it as "growing pains". I was a swimmer so I think that helped me in the summer, but the fall and winter during High School football games it was bad- I can remember going out to eat afterwards and feeling the need to strethch them out they hurt so bad. I am 54 and now have restless leg with pain. At night I can hardly get to sleep, so therefore I take Ambien to make me fall asleep

Hi Tawnycat,

I see a Rheumatologist who is also an asst University Professor, we answer a questionnaire every single time we see him, and growing pains as a child is a question they are now asking. If I had them, if a parent had them, yes I did, my mother did as well. So it seems to show a predisposition for fibro/autoimmune. I have 3 autoimmune diseases, they are all genetic. Hopefully they are finding a way to deal with this before it is to the extent that we have it as adults.

I am so sorry that you have this to deal with, I understand intractable pain, not until I had a full diagnosis did I get any substantial relief. I take a biologic, they are called the meds of the future, and are amazingly accurate, able to pinpoint where they need to go down to the very cell of the body, surpassing all of the systems where we have side effects. There are still bad days, weeks, most when the weather/barometer is bad, but I would not have been able to walk at all without them.

I surely hope that you are under the watchful eye of a good Rheumatologist, and see them on a regular basis. No matter how good your Primary Dr is, you should be seeing one. There are answers, you just have to keep looking for the Dr who has them. Don't give up!

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Good vitamins are a must for us as well. My Chiropractor has helped me tremendously with these, they know vitamins like primary care Drs know meds. He says a good cal/mag/d3 are necessary for muscles. Here is what the Chiropractor has me taking, it made a tremendous difference

I did in my knees and now my 8yr old daughter does to. I also remember a night when I had gone to bed I was around 10yrs old and I remember the phone rang when I went to get up I couldn’t move not one part of my body it hurt from head to toe.

It's weird that you just posted this discussion. I remember growing up that my legs would always hurt and I would have to pop my knees.....I can remember the pain from around 10 years on also. My mom would just say it growing pains also. Now it's my whole body....and I'm 32.

When I was young, my legs would hurt do bad I would cry for hours. My only relief was my grandmother rubbing until I fell asleep. It got worse after I made the track team. That did not last long, I hurt and cried too much so she made me quit. I would also just start limping out of no where from the pain. I have honestly had severe pain my throughout life. I remember a short period where it was not as bad but now it is getting worse.

I have two daughters and a son. My middle child complains about her legs hurting also. She also has Hemoglobin C disease. In parser for her to get the disease I would have to have the trait or the disease. No doctor has ever answered that question. I also remember going to the dr. a lot as a kid. They made me eat lots of meat and liver. I have always been anemic. I only remember something with my blood.

I don’t say much on her but I do read a lot. You all have been soo helpful. I truly appreciate your help and understanding.

Hugs to you all

Yes, also diagnosed as 'growing pains' and finally convinced my mom to take me to a doc who said I had 'hyperactive patella' and suggested taping my kneecaps...eventually I had to quit my favorite hobby; figure skating, because the pain in my knees and ankles was so bad. :/