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Chest pain and coughing


Hello. My name is Sherri. I’m married, have 2 children and 2 nice young people I call my children. So given that I have 8 grand children. I have a wonderful life thanks to a Wonderful husband. I truly have no complaints except for the stupid Fibromyalgia!!
I think I’ve had this long before my diagnosis. I had a diagnosis of MS by one Neurologist for 20 years because of double vision, fatigue, weakness and brain fog. Then that diagnosis was taken away by another Neurologist but without any diagnosis at all. Finally about 7 years ago I was diagnosed with Ocular Myasthenia and Fibromyalgia. My new Neurologist has prescribed a super drug for the double vision “:clap::clap:
and Cymbalta for the Fibromyalgia. About 3 years ago the Fibro went nuts!!! I started researching. I had no idea Fibro could rack my body this bad!! My latest, coughing spells and chest pain. I’m going to make sure it’s nothing else. Well…enough whining. Going to get myself busy and get my mind off of it. Whom ever might be reading this, I hope your day goes well :slight_smile:


Hi sherri,

Have had this a long time

Not the coughing, but one of my earliest symptoms was chest wall pain…my dr had me go to the ER…i ws fine but the dr there said arthritis of the soft tissue of the chest was likely the issue…they were not diagnosing fibro as much back then…

I would get the coughing thing checked out…two of my sisters had it a lot and it was barretts esophagas, i think …

Ask any questions you have, its definitely a struggle