Check out all of the new Ben's Friends items for sale! WOW!

i did and there are a lot of nice items but, er, I wish they had used a somewhat nicer looking symbol for their name. I know I shouldn't say that but well, we want to let the world know about Ben's Friends and what they do and i wish they could have used a more realistic or Victorian looking butterfly with a pink or purple background. (Yes, terrible and petty of me to say but I'm really not crazy about the butterfly or the color green.) Or hey, better still, what about a band of ribbons displaying the correct ribbon color for each illness?

But, as i said, there are some nice items to choose from.


btw Petunia - Ben hand drew that butterfly when he was launching AVMSurvivors. It's so authentic and amazing that he did it at that time, that we wanted to keep it. :)

I was very surprised and impressed by the new selection! I think the choices are really nice!

I love the beach tote , I think it would be cool to put the butterfly logo all over it, one for each community !
Just a thought. We should all try to order one thing for a Christmas gift to someone we love that try’s to understand our pain !
Thanks Ben & Scott

Hugs & blessings
dee B