Changing diet and med

hello again, I wrote recently about my quest for gluten free low lactose chocolate. The lactose free diet helped right away, and I started gluten free diet also. Then, last Friday my pain Dr. had me given an epidural shot to help me be able to function. I felt overall help, I still hurt but it seems better. The shot was mostly for my back pain after 2 surgeries, and the headches and chronic pain from my brain trauma, but it seemed to really help the fibro pain. for 2 days I felt so much better! now I never expect to be pain free, but being able to get up and function better is a huge blessing. my fibro and traumatic brain injury, tbi for short, have many unpleasant side effects that are the same, even chronic pain [ fibro body pain feels different except the sharp pain ], fatigue, brain fog, sleep disorder etc. I started the lactose free, gluten free lactose free diets and had the epidural shot all within about a week. oops. hindsight being 20/20, I know I should have spaced them out more. After a couple of days of feeling batter, I feel a bit worse, but no wonder. I tried not to overdo, but even getting out for a walk with my caregiver, staying out of bed more, caught up with me and I was not surprised. then, feeling yuckier. I went back online and read some symptoms that can affect people who go off of gluten and lactose, at first. Some were fatigue, brain fog ,depression, anger and pain issues and more. aaagh!!! Now, it's like a twisted soap opera; Which one or more are old symptoms coming back ? is it going to go down hill more? Who dunnit ! ? The lactose ?The sinister glucose ? Or the shot's not working ? If any of you have any experience with the consequences of my brilliant planning, please please tell me. oh, I went in for another cat scan. I wonder if I have any brain left; or just cats ! ha ha. my computer is going in and out, I hope it's fixed soon. then it will a matter of my own ineptitude [ sp.? ]. thanks

I'm not sure anyone could untangle a cause for the ups and downs, hrhboris. So many triggers can affect someone with TBI. Changes in diet, sleep, the environment, or just about anything can cause a slight downturn. It's okay, just soldier on, and if you try changes, just try one at a time and give it a good trial period before judging its effect. And, as always, keep your doctors in the loop.


dancermom’s feedback is great. Soldier on, hon, and next time, you’ll try one thing at a time. And remember to give yourself an extra dose of cuddle time with that cutie kitty of yours for comfort!