has anyone been reffered to cbt clinic x

Hi angie b....

I haven't been referred to one, but I use it frequently in my work, and I also do my best to apply it to my own life and problems. It can sure take a lot of the weight of emotional pain off of anyone facing chronic pain, loss of function, major changes in life, and even relationships that aren't as positive or satisfying as they used to be, or should be. If you have the opportunity to go to a clinic and check out CBT(cognitive-behavior therapy), I'd recommend it! Good luck, and God bless.


Angie b, what does cbt stand for?


Oh Angie, I just read Gordon's response in which he states what cst stands for so you can ignore my question.

Yes, I think it's a great way to gain tools to use in every day life.

i think any therapy that is not invasive or involves drugs is ok in my book!!! I have employed meditation, relaxation techniques, mind control, positive affirmations, imagery and all can be helpful. xoxoxoxooxxoxo