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CBD products


Just wondering if anyone has ever tried any of the CBD products available?


Hello! Well I have tried CBD oil and I think it seems to help, but I’m not exactly sure. I will use it consistently for a few days then get sidetracked and forget to take it. Grrr. While I take it my pain level seems to be better but I really need to just stick with it for a month straight to really determine if it’s helping. It’s worth a shot though. I just put a few drops under my tongue and hold it there for a couple minutes. Then wash it down with water or other drink. The bottle I have comes with a dropper and it is recommended to take 1 dropperful a day. I don’t do a whole dropperful at one time, so I break it up throughout the day. Hope this helps!


Yes and it absolutely works. You need a reputable brand though. I am shocked that the fibro community doesn’t know about it.

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