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CBD Oil?


I was given some CBD oil mixed into a cream base. I find it works very well on the sunburn-like pain I often have. I’ve been diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis and several other autoimmune diseases in addition to the Fibro. I take a ton of meds right now but am scheduled for Rhizotomy treatments in a few weeks and am hopeful I can get off some of them, if only the opiods. The arthritis is mainly in my neck, which causes pain through my shoulders and often down to my fingers. My Rheumatologist is not open to any of the CBD or THC products but using topically doesn’t show up on my bloodwork and since she can’t provide me anything comparable, what she doesn’t know…


Nannyfor3, if you are willing to do so, would you tell me exactly what type of oil to buy, where you buy it, where I could buy it? I have been doing a lot of Internet searching but never can find an oil that has THC in it, which would be my preference. I am glad that what you are using is helping you.That is wonderful! Please reply as I am having such great pain that I need to try the oil! Thank you! :heart:


The kind with THC is not legal but you can find a CBD oil that is called full spectrum that has a tiny bit of THC in it. I buy the full spectrum from two different places… One called charolette’s web and one called try the CBD. Charolette’s web comes in dried capsules or in an oil in a dropper (I put the oil in my morning coffee). Try the CBD has oil in capsules. I prefer the oil in the capsules and they are 25mgs. The dried capsules are 35mg (you can get higher potency). Their websites are I believe trythecbd.com. And charolettesweb.com


So your Dr will give you opioids but won’t consider CBD oil? CBD is legal and you don’t need their permission to take it. It won’t show up in your blood test bcuz it doesn’t have THC… And the ones that do have THC have such a small amount that it shouldn’t show up though trace amounts are always possible.


Thank you so much for telling me where I can purchase the CBD oil!!! Thank you for telling me the types and how you use CBD. Thank you for providing me with the websites! Once I can afford the costs, I will be trying the oil!




Most interesting that one can make their own CBD pills. It would be easier for me just to buy the oil or capsules. I am glad that you have done a lot of research. I am sorry that the hemp flower no longer works for you.




I need to ask my doctor about using CBD oil. I see a pain management specialist in a few weeks. I will consult with him. NO, my doctor does NOT prescribe me Opioids! I cannot take any type of Opiate. I am highly sensitive to most medications.

Thanks for your comment.




Thank you for your comment. I am glad that you get some relief from the cream. May the Rhizotomy treatments benefit you greatly! It is a shame that your Rheumotologist is not open to your using and type of CBD or THC products. I hope that you can stop having to use any Opioid.




blessings! Promise you the cost of making your own is considerable different unless you arent struggling financially. ( my dad finished him chemo but was brought to believe (Nancy Regain just said no" and were all going to die


Sorry for bombarding you, I want to help the people that are at any stage


I don’t know how to make it and I am not sure that it will be of help to me. I can barely move, so, I would not be able to sit and make it even if I knew how. I do not know what this meant: “(Nancy Regain just said no” and were all going to die…" I read your other comment, too. Glad you got your license, but, saddened that you lost so much!

I continue to get too many emails. I don’t know how to stop them from coming in. Please do not send me another comment. Thank you!



You are bombarding, sorry to say. I seems that you have a great need to help others and for them to help you. Please do not send me more comments. Thank you!



I was not able to get any results using 150-300m CBD oil from tinctures, but I’ve been told that the tinctures that go up to at least 1,500 mg are the only ones that will be helpful. And add dish oil pills to your regimen, make sure the omega-3 is like 3,000mg. I hope this helps!:blush:


Isn’t that a hoot? Such a circus… cuz we don’t endure enough🙄


Thanks, Nannyfor3, for giving us the info on where you get your CBD oil. I got some 35mg capsules from CBD Essence (from Hemp). It seems to work pretty well, but I may try the full spectrum capsules you told us about.


Honestly, I have used the CBD oil but they were so disgusting that I refuse to take it anymore. I have started vaping it instead. It does not work like I wish it would but it does calm me down. In a weird way it does sedate me somewhat but whatever the effects are going to be depends on how much CBD is in your vape and how much you use it.


Hello - CBD is such a vogue item now, you really need to make sure what you have is of the best quality and especially genuine.

I have tried varying quality liquids and would suggest having a recommendation rather than wasting money. A very good quality liquid of 1500mg CBD will be about £200 - to vape, add to water or put under your tongue. Vaping is quick and you can disguise the flavour with a nicotine free liquid. The liquid I use is whole plant - I use 2 drops in the day and 2 in the evening on a vaporiser. It helps me feel less anxious, less pain, relaxed and with an overall feeling of well being. And, with all that is going on in my life right now - that’s a miracle.

INFO ABOUT CBD: CBD is extracted and separated from specific varieties of cannabis, often known as hemp. Chemically, CBD is one of 80+ chemical substances known as cannabinoids, which are all found in the cannabis plant. CBD is the second most abundant compound in hemp, typically representing up to 40% of its extracts. Store products in a cool, dry location, out of open sunlight. The typical medicine cabinet or pantry should be fine.

When oils are extracted from hemp, you might hear this type of product referred to in a few ways: CBD-rich hemp oil, hemp derived CBD oil, CBD-rich cannabis oil, or hemp extracts. CBD oil is unique from typical hempseed oil which is sold cheaply as it utilises all parts of the hemp plant, instead of only the seeds producing a more nutritionally robust oil.

Hopefully that will help. A real CBD oil will be green to golden yellow coloured, not clear. And, the difference between the £200 oil (which lasts me 3-4 months - i don’t drink or smoke) and the cheaper liquids is astounding.

All that said, some people don’t get, or notice, the benefits of CBD and I think that may be more true of someone who has used medical grade cannabis with THC.

To vape the oil I have i’d suggest using sub-ohm device of around 80+ watts - using about 45 to vape (preferably an RDA, home made 2 ohm coils and cotton and a 0nic 70/30 eliquid. You will be able to google and you-tube this to discover things. Or ask me. Hope that helps? :slight_smile:


Hi NODJ. I have a quick question. I am taking a tolerance break from THC. It has uplifted my mood state and relieves pain for hours. (I live in three states, all legal, by the way.) I am game for CBD oil but wonder : if I am breaking from THC to overcome tolerance, will taking the oil interfere with that objective? Thank you!


Hi @CathyCS - I only know my experience with CBD. My mum was a long term user of THC based products as a medication for MS, she didn’t get an instant enough effect from CBD when she tried it. Good CBD only has trace amounts of THC so I’d think would be fine while you are taking a break :slight_smile:

That said, I think I am right when I say the CBD is also responsible for delivering the TH - This is a decent article


Hopefully, that has been of further help
All the best - Nick


Thank you Nick - this looks like a good guide. I have much to learn, especially about using discernment where it comes to CBD oil, as I am certain of the benefit of it and certain that many folks are peddling products that are not all they claim to be. Buyer beware, as always! Thank you for helping us do our research. Here’s to a good day to us all,