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CBD Oil?


I have a guy friend who has been using CBD oil for fibro with great results. My husband has bought the items needed so I can vape CBD if I choose to. Have any of you tried it? What were your experiences?


I tried it but it did nothing for me. I have found little to nothing that really helps with the pain. My doctor has suggested medical marijuana but I am afraid to try it. I have fibro fog a lot and feel that if I use marijuana I will add to my problem of fogginess. But she says it will help me to sleep and help with inflammation. I am on the fence about it all. I like the idea of better sleep and feel that any inflammation relief would be welcome. But as far as CBD oil is concerned give it a try. I know people who swear by it. It just did not work with me but everyone is different. Good luck.


Hi. I read that and capsules work because than vaping . I have mixed results with it. I’m afraid they will show up on my Dr. urine test, although the brand I’m taking is not supposed to show on the test. I hope it helps you.


The good thing about marijuana is that it is not addictive. I’ve tried it, mostly when I am traveling and it does help with sleeping and calming me down. I suffered from brain fog quite a lot due to meds and I can vouch marijuana if anything makes you feel lighter. Its worth a try if you are on the fence. I barely get access to it but I would have used it for sure to help with my symptoms.


I haven’t tried just the CBD oil, but I did try a few dif versions of the med marijuana. I’ve read up a lot and the general consensus is that a high CBD concentration with some CBN and THC in the mix is probably best. It’s legal here, so that’s not an issue. I think it’s wise to be worried about more mental acuity, because I did notice that. I bought a few strengths depending on time of day, because some are really potent. I’ve tried it and stopped several times now. It never kept me asleep all night. That could just be me, but I have an arrythmia problem anyway and it can affect heart rate - so I have to be careful of that. I still had to take the gabapentin/baclofen/tylenol, but the vape pens (which are easy and pretty quick response) help calm the nerves until the meds kick in and get me back to sleep quicker. One thing that most people don’t mention is the cost! It’s very expensive. For me, I would have had to have seen a remarkable change to spend a few hundred a month. Also, be certain that if you’re being treated by a doctor that they are aware, especially pain mgt. docs.


Thanks for the information on medical marijuana. I think I will give it a try. My doctor seems to think it will be the best thing for me considering nothing else seems to work. Once again, thanks.


I was given a bottle of CBD oil as gift. instructions were to put under the tongue twice a day, It was so oily and I was so nauseated i tossed it. $85 and I just tossed it. better than vomiting.


I was trying it (only for 4 days) but now I’m on antibiotics. Once I’m done with the antibiotics, I’ll try it again. It’s legal here in Indiana and my doctor said I could try it, but he couldn’t endorse it. It does taste horrible!!! But if it works, I’ll suffer through :). I will begin taking it again at the end of next week and I’ll check back in to keep you up to date. By the way, those 4 days I was taking it, I did seem to feel a little better, but not enough better to justify the costs or the taste. The guy that sold it to me said to give it a week and that’s what I’ll do when I start it again.

Becky (in Indiana)


Cbd oil does help. You need to get a reputable brand that has the their lab reports on line or in their stores. There are facebook groups that talk more about fibro and cbd oil.


Your local pharm should sell flavored syrups that they put in meds for kids to make it more palatable. Since it’s from a pharm it shouldn’t interact with the oil and it might improve the taste.

Heck, my local pharm even sells meat flavors for your dog and cat medications!


I live in CA. Before cannabis recently became legal here, I saw a great marijuana doctor to get a referral; she highly suggested ingesting the cbd in capsules (at a certain ratio cbd to thc, think it is 18:1) by mouth, and about 1-2 hours before bedtime, since they also help with sleep. I have been doing this for about 2 years, and I can vouch for it. Takes one month to “work” when you ingest the cbd this way. Anyway, it allowed me to slowly get off opiates for pain relief, and sleep a lot better. I don’t find it affects my brain fogs since you take it in the eve. It usually does not make me feel “high” at all (sometimes does a little, maybe this happens more if I drink wine in evening). I like taking the oil by mouth vs. smoking or vaping, the latter cause coughing, etc.

I highly recommend trying the CBD especially if you are on opiates and want to get off them, but also just in general for help with pain management and/or sleep. Just to be clear, I also take tylenol around the clock, cymbalta and lyrica.


I take CBD but do not notice a relief in pain. When it runs out I will not buy more. It’s very expensive! I tried medical marijuana (Massachusetts) but it makes me paranoid and it dries out my eyes and my mouth. I hated it! I don’t know what to do. Someone mentioned another leaf that is legal. It began with a K, but I don’t remember the name. They said it’s great for pain.


I agree, Carolyn! The taste was AWFUL! :nauseated_face: I too was given a bottle as a gift, and although the taste and oiliness made me gag, I forged ahead since my Doc recommended it to help me sleep. I think it helped a little; but not sure if it was a fluke? Mixed results. Not sure I’d make this costly purchase.


Hello. In my research on CBD oils, I have found not all oils are equal. It is worth the investment if you have pure CBD and not just a little bit mixed with other oils. I have very recently found someone in my town who sells a very good product. He did his research and found a couple of Mom’s that make their own because their children suffer with epilepsy. It has tremendously improved their little lives by reducing the amount and duration of their seizures. A bottle is expensive but if it’s pure CBD and you use it correctly, it lasts a long time so I’ve been told. I’m buying my first bottle tomorrow. I will keep you posted.
Peace be with you on your journey :slightly_smiling_face:


For those of you saying it has a horrible taste put it in your coffee or some juice. You never notice it’s there. Or try the capsules. I use the oil as well as capsules from a company with independent lab testing for purity of their products and it works wonderfully! Most especially with sleep! I worry a little about it showing up in drug testing for my pain management dr but CBD oil is legal. ( you also want to make sure it’s from hemp oil and not hemp seed oil…two totally different things!)


Does CBD oil without THC work for Fibro pain?


The great thing about medical marijuana is that is comes in many forms. They have it available as a patch that doesn’t make you feel high ( if that would be a concern for you). I WISH my dr would give me medical marijuana. If it’s something your dr is willing to let you use its worth a try!


Yes it can. The CBD oil without THC is actually the only kind that’s legal. I use a full spectrum CBD oil that does contain trace amounts of THC but it’s such a small amount there’s no high feeling. I’ve had better luck with capsules containing oil as opposed to capsules with the dried stuff. I also have bottles of the oil. I add it to coffee and you can’t taste it…or I just take it as is followed by a drink of something as it doesn’t usually taste great. You really have to make sure you purchase a quality product. I only buy from companies that do independent testing of their products and post the results with the items on the website. Both companies I buy from are in CO ( where marijuana is legal so I feel like their products are legit). It helps me sleep. I take it about anbout or two before I got to bed. I e recently started taking another one in the morning as I’ve been in a horrible pain flare for two months now and nothing is bringing the pain down even slightly except for the CBD oil.


I use CBD oil too, with very good results. It does help with sleep as well.

CBD by itself is good for pain, I understand THC is good for pain too (but latter may interfere with sleep). I’m here in California. Before recreational use was legal here, I saw a marijuana doctor who recommended 18:1 ratio of CBD:THC capsules for my fibromyalgia and depression. I think she recommended the small amount of THC due to my depression, or because the combination may be better for pain than CBD alone (I’m not sure). Anyway, recently, I have no longer been able to buy the 18:1 ratio of capsules locally, nor find them online, so have switched to pure CBD capsules (which I now buy from an online source in CO, from Hemp). I don’t think I notice a difference in terms of pain relief and sleep.

Nanny for 3, may I ask what your source for your oil capsules is? Do you know how many mg. of CBD is in each capsule?



I buy from Charlotte 's web and those capsules are full spectrum (CBS with minute account of thc) 35mgs. I feel that one might be too much for me. I also buy from Try the CBD…25mg per pill and it’s oil in the capsules which I like better. They help me sleep and do help my pain a bit. Both companies are out of CO and have their products independently tested for purity and potency.