CBD oil or CBD oil with THC?


Hi! I was wondering, does CBD oil without THC work for Fibro pain? If so, how do you know how much to use? Or if it doesn’t work without THC, are people that use it able to work a full time job? Are you able to function? I have never used drugs and am not on any narcotics for pain. But… I’m in a lot of pain on a daily basis. My rheumatologist won’t prescribe any pain medications.


Hi freedom. I just started vaping CBD oil, the lollipops decreased my pain a little for a couple hours, but that was during the week. Today the pain is horrible so i got me more lollipops and gummies but nothing helped my pain.
Why won’t your rheum dr prescribe any pain meds? What all are you on for the fibro?
If you have already said what you’re on i apologize i have a bad memory


I didn’t get a lot of help from the CBD oil alone. However, I will try again in the fall because winters absolutely kill me. Currently I use a thc/cbd blend of oil at night, just a small dose, because I find it helps me sleep.

Good diet, rest breaks (pacing), exercise (and stretching), and a good night sleep…and amitriptyline…help me cope.


I used CBD oil for 8 months with no positive results. Then switched to CBD oil and THC as recommended by pain specialist. Used several combinations for additional 6 months and only found that my mood got worse and my wife didn’t appreciate my mood fluctuations which got worse the longer I used it. I slowly decreased and eventually stopped and found my mood and attitude improved greatly. Guess the fibro pain will be a life time event with no relief unless I go back on Lyrica and Cymbalta, which will never be an option in my lifetime…if you go down this road to alternative treatment, I do hope you have better success than I did. God bless!


Hi Freedom. I find that a 1:1 ratio helps a little. There are also cbd gummies that help tremendously as well. Don’t get me wrong, the pain is always there but the cbd helps me to relax just enough to be tolerable to be around because I have more of a relaxed demeanor. Check with a dispensary, most employees are very knowledgeable or can point you in the direction of someone who can help you figure out a good starting point.


Thanks for letting me know howbit affected you and your wife. I would not be able to try any THC 1st bc i am a nurse and i love my career and wouldnt want to jeopardize it and 2nd I’m live in Texas and I dont see Tx making THC legal any time soon.
Can i ask why lyrica and cymbalta are not an option for you? I know i cant take lyrica bc it made me forgetful (more than usual) and i got confused easier than usual.


Hi…Used Lyrica for several years, it fatigued me more than the fibro condition itself and gave me the shakes as well. Memory problems were too much to handle while on it and I believe that it triggered events which I interpreted as a greater need to visit my doctor with additive problems every visit. Eventually he placed me on the maximum dosage which was unbearable. Cymbalta was added to my intake of lyrica and sleeping pills and the effects were even worse than I could have imagined. Cymbalta triggered many negative feelings and emotions plus my overall condition didn’t improve and the doctor eventually increased my cymbalta intake to the daily maximum as well. My attitude changed greatly for the worse and it was not pleasant for anyone in my presence to experience my negativity and poor behaviour changes. I treated my loved ones like enemies and argued every conversation plus treated them like they were stupid. It was a nightmare!..plus I was going deeper and deeper into depression with mood swings that hurt so many people.

I finally took control of my life for fear of losing my wife, family and friends forever. I still suffer from my fibro daily but my mind is much clearer and the fibro fog condition has lessened I have worked very hard the last 16 months toward my negative attitude and depression and I weaned myself off all medications permanently. I consider it a real success that I have my life somewhat back in the normal range (with many limitations still), and things are more normal these days after 8 years of being on those meds. History will not repeat itself for the road I was on,. No matter what additional problems arise, I work out a way to cope and manage any new issues associated with my fibromyalgia condition without the use of pain pills, anti-depressants and sleeping pills.

Cheers for now!


Wow! Ya I can totally see why they are not an option for you. I would make the same choice. Im sure you let your doctor know how the medications were making you feel and act right?


Yes I did let my doctor know and she said that less than 15 percent will totally come off all drugs assigned to them for Fibro at some time, and between 6-8 percent go back on them in a short time after their effort to get off the recommended meds. I can understand wanting to go back on them for some people because it is a real eye-opener with the withdrawl associated from such meds as cymbalta and lyrica, combined with the Fibro effects that begin to take its full affect as the meds get out of your system. My family doctor and rheumatologist are in favor of me in remaining off the meds and to manage my condition the best I can. They were truthful about the success of dealing with Fibromyalgia without meds (from past and present patients) and one’s percentage of success in attempting to stay off meds.

FYI…I did change my lifestyle by watching my food intake closely, eating more fruits / vegetables and keeping my weight stabilized for the last year. I exercise 45 minutes a day doing Tai Chi and Chi Gong (4 of 7 days are really tough but it does give me more energy) and I have a protein shake every morning. That is my formula for getting through each week and I do have all the Fibro effects as before but knowing that there is a light at the end of the tunnel now and then, keeps me motivated to deal with and get through the really bad days.