CBD Oil: anyone with experience?

I can’t afford my Lyrica I am so much looking forward to being able to have CBD oil here in Ohio . My doctor told me she would prescribe it for me when she could . I’d like to hear what other people think about it .

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hi - my niece bought me a bottle of the hemp oil - small bottle with dropper $85.
it of course has additives, very oily, made me gag. i used it twice a day for 4 days and could no longer bear the thought of even putting the substance in my mouth. so, i had no help from it. Later i found out that she had bought it for herself, tried it once and couldn’t take it. I am certain there are people that CAN be helped. I have never used straight marijuana, but if Nebraska ever legalized it, i am to a point with my pain that i would try smoking it. for whatever its worth, you never know what will help until you try it.

Lisa, your post made me curious about the legality of CBD oil in Ohio. This is a very interesting article:



Thanks for the update. It’s very coincidental that this is been on my mind so much lately I was thinking about it again today and there was a note from you. I guess I’m putting a lot of hopes on it and I keep trying to bring myself down to reality . It’s a lot of work to have fibromyalgia and live in the real world work life goes on and you’re expected to do things and kind of grin and bear it. Some days are much better than others.

I nag my husband about this all the time. And getting very desperate . Lyrica has been prescribed for me and I did get one prescription pill, but it costs over $300 even with my insurance , so that is not an option

I hope that you are feeling okay. I somehow get the impression that you have made peace with this disease and somehow have found contentment and a way to get back your enjoyment in life. Just so nice to hear from you! Thank you very much and have a good night


I read your post where Lyrica is costing you $300 with insurance. Are you aware that the manufacturer of Lyrica has a coupon on their website which brings the cost of the medication down to $25? If you go to Lyrica website, you can submit a request for the coupon and give it to the pharmacy. I hope this will help you.

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Hello Patty,

CBD oil has started working for me. I take a mint flavored one and the taste is fine. It took a while to find a dosage that works (.5 ml x 4) and I still feel some pain, but I wasn’t able to take it the other day (spent the whole day out) and wow, could I tell the difference!
People have told me it can take a few days to start working.
Mine does not contain THC, but my MIL takes one with THC for her MS and it also works.

Hope this helps!

Gabapentin is the first generation of lyrica, it’s cheaper and it works also. It was released from the drug company that makes lyrica 1st, the company was getting close to losing their patient on it so they tweaked the molecules and re-released it as lyrica and now charge a higher fee. But be very careful because even though it’s not a “ pain” med you can get addicted to it.

I use CBD and medical grade marijuana to help with my pain. The CBD comes in so many forms and THC does as well. For me the combination of both helps a lot. I have had all forms of both for the most part to test and see what works best for me in a delivery method. I use gummy edibles of both kinds. The actual oral CBD oils to me are not as effective and do have a weird taste that I dont care for. I find that for immediate relief vaping CBD, CBD crystals, and even mixing the wax/shatter with a THC wax/shatter/rosin etc helps a lot. Anothor and by far the best method I like is to smoke some flower that has a high ratio of CBD in it and mix the vaping in too of CBD. The thing that sucks for Ohio and myself included is about the new law for dispensaries only being able to produce CBD. This makes it much harder for me to find. Thankfully the day the new law took effect I went to the store where I got my CBD and stocked up and luckily the store had a 50% off all of the products. So overall I’d say either work very well but if you can and are able to then mixing them together helps me. If one who has not tried the the CBD oil then only invest in a small amount to to try and if you dont like it try other forms. I’m sure you’ll find one way that will work for you. If you’re able to use medical marijuana too then combination is very helpful.