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Cawffee Tawk

It seems that the massive caffeine buzz has worn off. Either that or my topics aren’t all that engaging because the responses have totally dwindled. I’m going to chug a giant mug of cawffee and try with another question! Thankfully I let my cawffee cool first or I’d have to do this while holding ice to a burnt tongue!

If you could go back in your own life and give yourself a pep talk or insider information or advice, what time in your life would you go to and what would you say?

I think I’d go waaaaaaaay back to my “wee lass” years, hug and hold my little self and tell me that I AM loved, I AM valuable, and that it’s okay to be scared because I truly am strong and will one day make a real difference in the lives of others with my kindness and humor. (If that doesn’t make you get a tear in your eye, then I’m too weepy!).

I like this idea! I would go back to when I was around 13 years old. I would tell myself not to be so timid, that I had a voice and opinions and it would be fine if I expressed them. I wouldn't actually want to BE 13 again lol - but I would give myself courage to not be timid. Thanks Rubber Ducky for posting this.

Do you know, I like this idea too! I can think of many times I could of given myself a pep talk, I have taken the wrong path so many times. But hey, that has made me who I am. I guess I would have made the most of the time I had left with my Mum, not knowing it was so short.

Take care, Anne

That's an awesome question! I think I would do the same as you...go back to ten years old and do the same thing you had mentioned...I think my life would have turned out much differently if someone had done that for me. Great post :)

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Ha ha I would go back to when I was just getting interested in boys.....and WARN myself about some of them. :-) But seriously I would go back to my teenage years and give myself a huge hug and let myself know that things will get better. We all know how brutal girls in high school can be to each other sometimes.

I used to think on this a lot actually. I have specific spots I would hit. Most important I would give teen me a smack in the head and tell her to stop whining. I would get it together and learn something much younger than I did. Sill life worked out. So it could have been worse.