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Cawffee Tawk


Time for this week's edition of caffeine addicts! I mean, cawffee tawk! I've long been told that some of my habits are odd. When I was diagnosed with fibro, many of them made sense! And that is today's question - what odd habits has fibro given you?

I keep my hands out of the water when I'm in swimming pools and hot tubs. I cannot stand to touch things with my pruned fingers! So I'm the one person in the pool with their hands raised above their head!

I also can't stand certain sounds. Like the sounds of certain names, most notably to others, how I freak when the "duhn duhn" sound happens on a crime show I can't think of the name of right now (thanks fibro fog, ruin my story).


Hello Rubber Ducky,

Good to see you here again. Hope you are as well as you can be.

Interesting question this one, nothing springs to mind at the moment. I will look out for others answering, and maybe come back later!

Take care, Anne


Hi Rubber Ducky, I also don't like the "suspense" sound, the one right before something bad happens. Actually, I generally avoid those types of shows anymore (I used to just mute it during that sound or change channel briefly). I realized that suspense / mystery / crime shows often make me tense and that doesn't help my muscles at all. So it probably is a bit odd that I avoid those type most of the time. Repetitive sounds can set off pain waves as well (I wouldn't do well as a teacher) but I try to keep earbuds with me and I have gotten pretty good with deep breathing and visualization which help me during those times when it is unavoidable (i.e. listening to my daughter learn to play the flute . . . ). Hugs.