Cawffee Tawk

Here's a question for all of you -

What would you like a typical day for you to look like if fibro and whatever else weren't holding you back?

Tawk amongst yourselves, I'm just gonna dunk this donut into my cawffee repeatedly while waiting for responses.

My ideal day would include taking care of animals on my mini farm (horses, a cow, a goat, a donkey, chickens, a duck, oh my!), horseback riding, tae kwon do, creating art, cleaning my home which I have designed and done most of the create work (art, remodeling), cooking, working with dogs and veterans to benefit both, and end the night by crawling into my luxurious bed and eating an oh so delectable chocolate before I drift off to dream.

Hello Rubber Ducky,

What a great question! My ideal day, if it were a weekday, go to work, I am a teacher, love the job but can only do it part-time now. Come home, cook a nice dinner for family, even better have a takeaway! Just normal things, and not feel shattered. Your mini farm sounds great, at least the chocolate I can still do!

Take care, Anne

Hi RD,

There are so many things I would do so if I ramble, sorry.

A long swim.
A long drive to a place I have never been before.
Fly to some states I’ve never been to (aren’t many left but haven’t been to Hawaii or Alaska).
A long walk on the beach from low to high tide.
Clean the house.
Make a quilt.
Take a class on how to make money trading stock.

I’ll think of more later, I know.

Nice questions. Hugs to you and welcome.


I was a nurse before my illness began, and could not work anymore. Being a nurse is a lifestyle and an art, and I would love to go to work, even for the long 12 hour night shift, in order to take care of patients. And in this dream world, I have no fatigue and would probably want to transfer to ICU, to enjoy the faster pace.

Great question.

Clean the house. I still sketch but I would more. I would go for long walks or jogs. Before all of this started I was preparing to enlist in the Air Force, I’d do that. Even with the issues I have taken up a new craft; sewing. I love it so far. I would sketch and then sew what I sketched. But then again, I intend to anyway haha. Love this post.

I suppose I shouldn't be surprised, but quite a few of you (us) said the same thing - CLEAN! Does this mean we need to hire a group maid to clean all of our houses for us?

If only we could hire help :slight_smile:
I would go to nursing school.
Join a softball team and play just as rough and tumble as I once did.
Take my kids on hikes weed whack the darn yard with out stopping

Up at 3am, work from 4am-2pm. Rush to clean house, cook dinner, & help with homework. Off to dance studio 5-9, where I work on costumes or props. Or I’d be working concession stand to support son’s band. In bed at 10 when I realize that I forgot to exercise.