Capsaicin cream

Just wondering if anyone on here has tried capsaicin cream? It is made from chillies and heats up to about the same temperature as a heatpad... It is really good because it keeps sore parts warm wherever you go and does not tie you to an area the size of your heat pads power cord.

I would advise anyone on here who finds that heat helps their pain in any way to speak with their doctor about it... you may also find it helps you.


For the first week you are meant to use EMLA to anaesthetise the area capsaicin goes on and it desensitises you to it xx

Mike, what in the heck is EMLA?

It kind of burned me too, although it kind of helped too.

Man, I hope that both you and Angel feel better in the neck area. That area is SOOO sensitive when it bothers you.

Good luck to both of you.

Hi mike, I actually had a salon pas - hot which I think had capsaicin cream in it? It did get very hot and I use it on my back if I have to drive a long distance, ( for me anything more than 20 min is long distance) but found it to be to hot to sleep with it on.
I do believe this Capsaicin is onto something for those of us who suffer
Salon pas just came out with a spray on I have to check and see if it has capsaicin in it
Thanks Mike for sharing
Hugs & blessings

This is exactly it :D xx

I have tried it and it helps somewhat. I will say DO NOT try the generic form because it will continue to burn the next day. And, don't use it with a heating pad. Glad that you have found something that helps you. :)

hehe I use it with a heating pad because I have a naturally low body temperature and the heatpad kick starts it xx

Thank you :D I have been told by the pain clinic doctor I can use the cream with heat because of my low temperature. My normal temp is 33-34C (91-93F) so I need something to get the cream working xx

Hi MIke,

Be careful of getting it in your eyes, nose, or other sensitive areas of the body, you will have to use gloves or something to apply it, if you can, or be extra careful to wash your hands and under your nails. Over use, or possibly use with a heating bad can cause a 'scald' type injury to the skin. I ordered a cream that was mostly composed of this, it had a money back promise, I returned it. It may work for you, just be careful with it, please!

lol do not worry about that... I have learned the hard way that it stays on the hands for hours and when you go to the loo you end up needing to dangle your parts into the sink to cool them down :( xx

Oh, always the hard way for some of us!

It is not my fault... It was just annoying because I ended up stuck for quite a while cooling off... and all because I went for a wee wee lol xx

Mike, you always make me smile! :smiley: love your sense of humor!

To be honest I have a suitcase full of creams and sprays. (and patches) I don’t care for the hot chile cream because I am prone to disaster unless I apply it with gloves on.

There is a spray that really works but will need to post later. Can’t recall the name of it.

Well ho ho ho… Hope Santa was good to you!


Mike, this my miracle spray: It’s called Therapain.


Thank you... looking now... oh and merry christmas xx