Can't sleep right


ok so I have to rant and maybe someone can give me some advice about my problem. I sleep 10-12 hours a night and don’t feel rested if I don’t. I’ve been this way for some time now. the thing is that one night my daughter got really sick and I stayed up all night with her cause she was vomiting. now my days and nights are mixed up! that’s really the problem. what’s worse is that every night when I do finally go to bed I don’t even feel sleepy anymore. i’m tired but not sleepy and it takes me forever to get to sleep. i’d be ok if I could go to bed at ten like I used to but how can one night do this much damage? prescription sleeping pills won’t even help me. it’s like taking nothing and I’ve even gotten desperate and taken double the recommended dosage on them to try to get back in a normal pattern. last night I didn’t fall asleep until 4 am! I went to bed at two. but i’m so tired when I do wake up and it’s hard to get me out of bed. alarm clocks don’t wake me up and my husband is working weird hours so he doesn’t get home until 4. my daughter’s tried to wake me up and I was so grumpy that she’s scared to try. everyday my husband calls from work and talks to me on the phone to get me out of bed. if I could just get up early and not fall asleep until night time this could be fixed. but I even get grumpy with my husband on the phone when he tries to wake me up sooner. I really do want to get up but in my sleepy state i’m a crab. I noticed that I can’t really remember too much about dreaming anymore either. it’s like I faintly dream most of the time and when I wake up I can’t remember them anymore. this is something I used to enjoy a lot and had very vivid dreams at times. it’s like I fall asleep now and the next thing I know it’s time to get up. I usually don’t feel rested even though I sleep so much and I know this is part of fibro. but has anyone else had a problem like mine and what do I do to get back to a more normal pattern? i’m the only one that’s here for my nine year old and I really need to be up during the day for her.


I’ve reversed myself a time or two, it’s not fun to get back on schedule but it can be done over a weekend. The trick is someone has to help you stay awake during the time you want to be awake, no easy task! But if you can power through the bulk of it you will then fall into a dead sleep that helps reset your clock.

Mild cases may be addressed by an individual simply adhering to strict sleep and wake times. Severe cases may require incremental changes in sleep time, where a person sleeps 15 to 30 minutes earlier each day until an appropriate pattern is reached. Other methods of altering delayed sleep patterns include prescribing a night of sleep deprivation or the use of chronotherapy, a method in which sleep is delayed for three hours each night until the sleep pattern is rotated around the clock.

Other tips and tricks can be found here: https://www.amerisleep.com/blog/reset-sleep-clock/



I also can not sleep. I get maybe 1 or maybe 2 hours a night. I tried taking breaks in the day but I can not sleep during the day. Then at night when I do lay down my legs and feet start up. And you are right sleeping pills do not help they gave me some in the hospital and they did not work. Anyone have any advice on this. It would help a lot. My husband is forever telling to go to bed and I just am not sleepy. Grumpy yes.


My doctor prescribed me Trazadone b4 bed. 99% of the time I sleep about 8 hours which is good for me. I would talk to my Dr. if I were you or in my case the nurse practioner, she hears what I’m saying. Good luck. I understand sleep deprivation! It’s awful.


I have had issues with my legs “starting up” at night for a long time, but mostly it is better now, I attribute that improvement to lyrica that I take 1 or 2 hours before bedtime. It is a drug used for FM, but I started it (bedtime dose only) years ago when the doctor agreed I probably had restless legs syndrome, or neuropathy from previous chemo. Anyway, the lyrica took care of that problem at the time, and later, I ended up taking more lyrica (3x/day) after the pain became worse and more widespread and it became clear I had FM.

So that drug may work for you also. I find lyrica also can help with sleep.


I am having such issues with sleep I feel like I am totally walking around in a daze all the time. I push myself to get through my day at work and when I get home I just want to drop. By the time I sit down to watch a movie with my husband I only last about a 1/2 hour before I fall asleep in my chair. My husband urges me to go up to bed and I do no matter what time it is (7:30 pm; 8:00 pm; 8:30 pm or what ever time it is…) I get into bed and read a bit and feel sleepy so I shut off my light but cannot sleep. I toss and turn for hours. I see my doctor in 2 weeks and am going to see if she can prescribe Trazadone as I have heard it helps. I probably get about 2 hours of sleep a night. I am emotional all the time because I am so way beyond tired. I have had Fribro for over 20 years and really feel like it is just getting worse. My husband and I are talking about me trying for disability which I know if a long shot but I am getting desperate. I am 51 years old and cannot remember what it is like to feel normal anymore. I am on so many medications (Lyrica, Cybalta, Oxycodone and some herbal supplements plus Tylenol in between the pain meds to help offset the pain until I can take my next dose of Oxy. I hope I can find something that can give me some peace one of these days. I am so frustrated with this disease and would not wish it on anyone. :tired_face::sleeping::sleepy::cry:


So sorry to hear about your issues with sleep and with Fibro. I also have trouble with sleep, waking up in the middle of the night at times with pain usually, and trying to get back to sleep and frequently staying awake all the rest of the night, into the day. The sleeplessness ruins the following day for me. It sounds like getting a prescription for Trazodone or something similar is a great idea for you. I have used trazodone before, it really worked. Now I take a CBD capsule, lyrica, tylenol and melatonin before bedtime, and usually the combination works pretty well for me.

I don’t see why you shouldn’t apply for disability. I am on it (though I got it for depression and lymphoma originally). If you are depressed I think it is good to make a point of that on your disability application, as it probably will you help get it. I really feel for you. I know I could not work, the way I have been feeling. I am 58, have only had Fibro for about 4 years as far as I know.


I sleep anywhere between 12-15 hours a night and still feel like crap when I get up. right now my days and nights are mixed up and i’m trying to slowly get it back where I want it but i’m still going to bed late and getting up two hours early the last two days. just getting up early is effecting me more. I feel so much worse so I hope it starts to work soon. i’m on disability for this. it sounds like you’re heading that way. don’t get discouraged. over the counter pain meds don’t work for me anymore although my husband told me to take some today. he doesn’t believe me I guess. he does try at least. unfortunately even though they tell you it doesn’t get worse it does. I used to have a very active life with a job I liked and paid well. I was always doing something whether around the house or out and about. you just have to realize it’s not you. you have something now that limits you and you will not be able to continue your normal activities anymore. if you do apply for social security don’t give up cause I was denied and had to get a lawyer before I was approved. best wishes to you!


I have to be careful I can not take anything with a morphine base or opiut in it. misspelled.