Can't log out without leaving quotes!

I hope that anyone near or in the fires are safe! They are everywhere now. What is sad and has me angry at the same time is that so many arsonists are being caught. I don’t understand how someone can do that. I guess we don’t notice how often until a large fire starts. Enough of the sad news. Time for some quotes

  1. I think I need to lose a little weight. I tried to sit up in bed this morning and ended up rocking myself back to sleep

  2. Back in the day, the only time we started panic buying was when the bartender yelled, “Last Call!”

3, We all owe 2019 an apology for what we said about it

  1. I wanna go back to the days when my biggest anxiety was stopping the cassette tape before the Dj started speaking when recording the top 10.

  2. I hope I never go to jail because I haven’t memorized a phone number since 2001

We are all angry at the violence in the cities and the fires , some of which were accidents and some were not…its hard to imagine that there are people willing to set these fires and kill people and livelihoods. They are subhumans… well trained to hate…

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That is what truly sickens me, that someone could intentionally set those fires. Arsonists start out hurting animals, then arson, and then murder. But, I think it goes beyond the usual arsonist. They are finally seeing other motives which upset me even more. Taking innocent lives for what?

LOL, GBear - Love these! #1 had me really laughing (silently, this time, so Bella wouldn’t wake up and give me that accusatory stare - LOL)! Please stay safe :purple_heart:
I also don’t understand how someone could willfully cause so much harm & despair to others. Very sad :frowning_face: