Can't Keep My Focus Need Your Prayers And Positive Energy

Hello Friends, as you most know I been packing and moving I am so overwhelmed. I had a plan and each day I strive to accomplish a goal within my limitations that has not happened. It seems I had a day or 2 that got some things done only to be set back the next. Thought I had some help and now I don't. I know that I will get moved but I just can't get

things set up for a easy go, with that being said. I Can't sleep, my Balance is off , my head is in a fog so tired of not remebering stuff even when I make list when I do fall asleep I still feel pain and have to make trips to the bathroom more than normal I have not been able to go to work, I love my little job gives me some physical contact that I lack. I am so exhausted when I try to read or be on the pc I just keep falling asleep, I just needed to vent can't even express here all that I am struggling with cause It is just so overbearing and seems unreal. I really do know I am going to make it I just need my friends here pray for my strength and faith. thank You Hugs Bobbye

sending love and hugs to you. try some deep breathing. it helps me when i am overwhelmed. hang in there.

Gentle hugs and prayers coming your way!!! I hope you get some relief soon.

Hi my friend, Im sorry and Im sure you will get though Im praying you get the strength to get moved in ok...LOOOVVEEE YYYOOOOUUUU.Mrs Bobby HUGGSS Wings

It is so important for you to get some sleep...have you thought of asking your doctor for a sleep aid? I know that helped me. I still get up to go to the bathroom a few times a night and there are nights I am awaken by muscle spasms in my legs or pain in my feet. Moving is such a stressful time under normal circumstances and I can imagine how overwhelmed you feel...I know I did move two years ago during the time I was in pain and hadn't been diagnosed so I was not being given anything for pain etc. Not easy, but you will get through! When we are tired and stressed everything seems much worse. You will see everything will work out. Sending you a gentle hug and a prayer for strength for all that you have coming your way.


hi Bobbye. lots of good advice, love and support from the others.. such a loving group.. i will send you my best thoughts and BIG HUGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGS


ps. nice card from wings!!