Can't find my heavy perspiration question. Where is it?

I perspire excessively, all of the time. My hair even gets soaking wet, I also get dripping wet in more private and embarrassing places. Doesn’t matter if I’m lying in bed or up doing light house work. Does anyone else have this problem or am I all alone? How do you suggest I cope with it? Am I all alone in this area?

Hi Carla,

Have you been like this for long?

?? started any new medication

Also, I don't know your full medical history but have you had a hysterectomy? With my nurses hat on, even if you still have ovaries after this surgery it can bring on an early menopause.

Some of your symptoms happen to me, I can wake in the night with wet nape of neck/hair, wet between and under my boobs and strangely behind my knees!! even in winter.

I had bloods done and there is a slight downward turn in my hormone levels, I declined HRT at this stage as I didn't want more pills, but if it's hormonal then the only way to test is bloods. FSH (follicle stimulating hormone), Oestrodial, testosterone and progesterone tests.

I had a sub-total hysterectomy at 40 (I'm 47 now) my ovaries were preserved but my gynae told me I could develop menopausal symptoms in my 40's due to that.

I would suggest you get some hormone bloods done if they haven't done those as yet. At least then you can start to rule out possible causes, also thyroid bloods.

I keep a pack of baby wipes by my bed, just to freshen up with in the night.

Hope that helps!!

Lucy xx

It started shortly after I found out I was pregnant. Just eating would make me sweat profusely. Then I miscarried, I figured the symptom would go away, but it didn’t. I have talked to my GP, and OBGYN about this and they just dismissed it. I try not to worry about it, but it is distressing for me. Now it is winter. I now have to go outside all sweaty haired, and moist around my breast area and neck. Sometimes I don’t even need a jacket, I’m that warm. Maybe I should have my hormones tested next time I go to the doctor. I run around the house Ina tank top because I’m so warm, the temp in most rooms here is about 68 degrees! my husband wears a sweatshirt all the time because he is cold. I’m just stumped. Thank you for your input.

You're so not alone Carla. I've had this problem for years...yes years and while yes, it does suck really bad, I've learned how to cope so, YaY, maybe I can help you.

I sweat profusely. Standing, sitting, walking, lying down. My scalp sweats and it runs down my face, neck, into my eyes. I sweat from what seems like every pore in my body.

It can last seconds to minutes. Sometimes my skin feels all prickly. Always my skin reddens. I sweat upstairs, downstairs and in m'lady's chamber. I've had it happen every time I sat down to a meal and then for some reason that tendency faded.

I have random "hot flashes". No rhyme or reason to them. I am sure that some of them are menopause, and the rest "side affects" from the medicines I take.

This is how I deal. The hot flashes tend to make me angry when they're raging so if I can remove myself from the crowd (9 in our house) and head to my room to ride it out, that's what I do. I sleep with a fan blowing on me 365. I have my window in my bedroom at my head so I can let the cold air in to aid in cooling my skin. Avon makes a cooling spray that you spritz on when you're 'flashing' that aids in cooling.

I think it's important to know that it is only on your skin that this reaction is taking place. Although it feels like you're going to spontaneously com-bust. You're core body temperature never raises. So concentrate on cooling the skin. Carry a pretty personal oriental fold out fan with you. I think half my carpal tunnel is from waving the 'flash' away...but it's impossible to enjoy a meal when that's going on . I just concentrate on cooling my face, neck. The flash would subside and I could enjoy my meal.

I use antiperspirant under my breasts and in between. I use baby powder under my baby belly and in the groin area. I carry a personal hygiene power spray and/or Summers Eve wipes in my purse. I try to start out fresh and then make sure I've got freshen up items with me.

I won't do hormone therapy as I have "estrogen reactive" breast cancer in my family. I am thinking that your pregnancy/miscarriage triggered your flashes. I remember when I first started gettin the flashes it seemed like I'd have them one after another. They did lighten up and years later I still have 5-6 a day unless I'm sick and then I have them non-stop.

I am tryin like heck to reduce the amount of medications I am on and thus reducing the side affects. That's not working out so well right now so I just try to let my family know how awful the flashes make me feel and to "give me a moment" when they see me or I tell them that I'm. flashing.

I hope this helps Carla and WELCOME to BensFriends! Get yourself feeling better and be sweet to yourself...okay!

PeacenLove~Always~Laurel aka Northwoods G-Ma

Hi Carla,
You are not alone. I sweat a lot. Never had this problem before, it’s very cold outside, and now I sleep with the eindow open, and wake up dripping wet. I don’t think it’s the medications. I don’t know how to cntrol it but I just wanted to let you know you are not alone.

I too would like to limit the number of meds I take. For a while I was taking almost 20 pills day and night. Since I’m trying to get pregnant, I’m off of everything except my: cymbalta, abilify, tramadol, colace, prenatal vit, lyrica. I have come to terms that I will never be able to get off of my cymbalta and abilify. If and when I get pregnant, I will have to discontinue the rest. I hate depression and fibromyalgia. They are both invisible illnesses that have caused me to no longer be able to work. I really resent that to. But people don’t see how sick I am and wonder why isn’t she working. There is nothing wrong with her. If they only knew what I have to go through every day. That would shut them up.

It is reassuring to know that I’m not alone. I want to thank all of you for your input on my situation. You all put a lot of thought into your comments. I truely appreciate you. Next time I go to the dr. I will request that my thyroid and hormone levels be checked.