Candida diet: A semi normal life - hope my story can help someone else

August 2011 I detoxed cold turkey after 6 years of taking 75 mcg/hr every 48 hours of fentanyl. I had vicodin and oxycodone for breakthrough pain. I had tried Opana, Norco, Lyrica, various antidepressants and the only thing that worked for my fibromyalgia pain was fentanyl.

I won't go into a long story unless anyone asks, but I went on the Candida diet and it is now a year and a half later. My excruciating muscle pain is gone, I have mild muscle pain sometimes but it's manageable with ibuprofen. The gastrointestinal issues are diminished, as well as brain fog, blood sugar, sleep issues and more. I was actually diagnosed with narcolepsy at one time, but now I have very few issues with uncontrollable sleepiness, and no more sleep paralysis.

The candida diet is rough, I'm not going to lie, but the end results are nothing short of miraculous. I work now, I exercise, I live a normal life. 2 years ago I could barely get out of bed. The next best thing is that it costs virtually nothing, it's natural, and requires nothing more than self discipline.

I did rotate antifungals with the diet and took 3-4,000 mg vit C, omega-3 as well as multivitamins. The antifungals I took were grapefruit seed extract, oregano oil and pau d'arco tea, cycling each one for 1 week. The cost of these are minimal, $40 for 6 month supply, and they can be found online or at health food stores.

I know some people may not like this post but I have no ulterior motive, I'm not selling anything. Just sharing my story in hopes it will help someone.

I lost 6 years of my life, had to kick fentanyl like a heroin addict, my kids barely had a mother, my husband was burdened with a sick wife, and I don't wish that life on anyone.

Feel free to post or message me, I will respond and give details if asked.

Thats wonderful! I’m curious to know what ur diet was like. I know u eliminate sugar and anything with yeast. I’m doing gluten free and low sugar…for 3 weeks now. My digestive system feels better…but still have alot of fatigue…moderate pain. Kudos for kicking fetanyl. I did that too…and it was the worst thing I’ve felt. Eventually went back on weaker opoids…which I went without for 5 days with no withdrawal…so that was a relief.
I know how devastating it is to not feel able 2 be a fully functioning part of the family…my husband left me and my 15 Ry. Old daughter moved out to live with her father 3 weeks ago. I’m trying anything that I can 2 get well again.
Thanks for any diet details on this.

I am sooo glad you have posted this !! I do believe I have an over growth of yeast, I have asked every dr I see about it , of course without ans … After two episodes of diverticulitis & months of every antibiotic, this "fibro " has taken over my life , I have seen every kind of dr. There is to see and no one had even heard of leaky gut , yeast overgrowth and how affects your muscles, joints , pain , GI symptoms & now CFS …
I also am trying a gluten free& sugar free diet, please let me know how I can find out more about this, especially the antifungals …
I will msg you & any info would be great !!
Again thankyou for your post & I look foreword to talking to you soon
Hugs & blessings

We can try this diet togeather !!! Ans to prayers yes ??? I’m so sorry about your husband & daughter … Ah my heart is so hurt for you, my daughter moved out when she turned 18, I felt like I lost her it was the hardest thing ever, we are so close now, I thank god for her everyday ! Give her time, 15 is like the hardest age
Hugs & blessings

Christine, I don't know why anyone would not like this post because all you are doing is sharing your story. And it's a wonderful story of reclaiming your life. Does this mean that this Candida diet is good for everyone? Not necessarily, but that is up to each individual to decide.

I am just so thrilled for you that you are doing so well.

Thank you for sharing this with us.

Should someone else reading this also have something positive to share with us by all means do.

It's so refreshing to read a success story and be able to rejoice with others.

Thanksfor the positive responses. I have some fibro friends on FB who aren't too responsive to suggestions. I know I was desperate enough to try anything. I took hydrocortisone for 2 years because my adrenal glands were so depleted. I'm lucky I didn't destroy them completely by taking it.

As for the diet, I went on a very strict diet of no sugar, no bread, no rice, no fruit, no mushrooms, no tea, no coffee, no milk. no cheese, no dried nuts. I'm sure there are more things I eliminated but I can't think of them. I did eat butter, because there is no lactose in buttter.

I rotated the antifungals, taking them 3 times a day. I started with small doses and gradually increased. Same with the vitamin C. I started at 1000mg and within 2 weeks was up to 4000. Vit C is good for eliminating heavy metals.
I spent months researching the diet, supplements and symptoms. A quick google search should help anyone decide if this problem relates to them.

What I believe started the imbalance was a round of cipro antibiotics, followed a few months later by amalgam removal. There were no precautions taken during the amalgam removal and there were 4 replaced fillings. I also have 19 more old and deteriorating fillings.

After starting the diet I was told by a doctor that candida is produced by the body to prevent heavy metals from entering the bloodstream. Unfortunately the body's defense mechanism also makes you very ill. Since mercury isn't easily eliminated, you get stuck with chronic candida.

I believe the sugar cravings that many fibro sufferers experience is the candida overgrowth. Candida feeds on sugar, so the body craves it.

I questioned the fibro diagnosis from day 1, it never made sense to me that a muscle disorder would cause gastrointestinal issues, shakiness, low blood sugar, high blood sugar, chills, stomach upset such as borborygmi, sugar and salt craving, fluctuating hormones, vit D deficiency, sleep disorders, brain fog, cataplexy. numb extermities, increase in skin disorders, esp fungal. The list goes on...

The fact that it usually follows an illness, or accident, where the body is stressed and is more likely to have been exposed to antibiotics and other medications only strengthens the argument that it is an overgrowth of Candida.
I have met some people with fibro who do not have these symptoms. For them, I would say they have some other issue. However, most people I have talked to with fibro have most, if not all of the symptoms listed above, most importantly, sugar cravings and digestive/ blood sugar issues.

Another thing I forgot to mention is that any painkillers, antidepressants and other meds should be stopped if possible.

So very sad for those who are suffering, I know how horrible it is and you are all in my thoughts. Hugs

I'm so sorry to hear about your family. I used to say a fibro diagnosis was like a death sentence, because it felt like a living death. You look ok, there isn't anything tangible for doctors or family to hold to for sympathy, only your word that you are suffering. It's very hard on family members and even harder when there are still people out there saying that fibro is just laziness.

I applaud you as well for kicking fentanyl. I can tell you it was one of the hardest things I have ever done as well. It took 2 weeks to be able to get out of my bed and do anything. The next 3 months I got through by joining a support group/detox help for heroin addicts.

I hope this diet can help you. Biggest thing to avoid is sugar, fruit and bread. Eventually you can cheat with other things, but eliminating the sugar is the key. I don't recommend cheating but the diet is brutal, and if you need to have a little brown rice or hard cheese to get through it, it's better than falling off completely.

I never tried, but chocolate made with stevia might be ok if sugar cravings get too bad.

Please keep me updated on how you are doing :)