Can barely walk!

My left hip all the way down to my knee is killing me, I can baru walk!! My doc didn’t do much for me accept says I need physical therapy, but I keep hearing that all that does for fibro patients is make them hurt more! I’m scared and frustrated and in pain! What should I do? Help! :confused:


I had physical therapy and they taught me to do stretches before getting out of bed and then i went to water therapy and it was wonderful and was a big help. I would get a second opion on the hip hurting it could be something else.

I agree with the earlier post. Sometimes a second opinion is need. I was treated for RA for 12 years with the same Dr.

In 2011 my pains started getting worse and my rheumatologist would give me the same meds and also send me to physical therapy. My husband made an appt with another Dr. He completely changed my meds. He told me I had fibromyalgia and osteoarthritis. My previous Dr never told me that. My new Dr instructed me about diet for arthritis and how stress affects pain. Something I never knew. I still have pain when the weather changes or when I over do or stress my self out. I'm working on that. So yes a second opinion is good. Be well.

Agree that water therapy i.e a good cool pool is so far the best thing i've ever found,2-3 days of near pain free life afterwords.

I'm going for a second opinion because my Dr. suggested PT which has always made me hurt more.

I am so sorry ! Hope you find relief soon.

Thanks everyone! I’m seeing another doctor in a few weeks, but until then, the pain is so bad I am now walking with crutches when I go out… I don’t know what else to do other than that until PT.

Hi Fibro,

I'm sorry to hear that you're experiencing this and have not received much help from your doctor. Crutches might be a good temporary measure for you but what about a cane? That's what I use when I can't walk. I am worrying that the crutches may hurt you after awhile. Fibro under the armpit???? lol, probably not there, no.

A pain clinic comes to mind. A good one really can help this pain some. They may start you out with cortisone shots in the hip, to see if they help. If not, you might be a candidate for radio ablation or burning of a nerve. I have arthritis as well as fibro in the hip and the pain apparently is coming from a higher area but I feel it in the lower back/hip/buttock area. If i don't get the radio ablation done (one on each side, unfortunately,) then I flat out cannot walk without a cane or wheelchair.

Some people find it helpful to go to a chiropractor. It didn't help me though.

It doesn't really sound like your doctor is helping you or listening to your concerns so maybe you'd want to check with a second opinion? I've tried PT about 5 times now and it never helped me.

Oh man, that sounds wonderful!!! I never had those options with PT. I can see where the stretches and water therapy would be very helpful, though, purple.

I think stretching/rang of motion exercises at home would be better as physical therapist are not up on fibro as even our rheumatologist aren't either,so they will push you and make matters worse.Stretching and a pool will really help..I know i sound like a scratched record hung on one phrase "cool pool"

I am so sorry you are feeling this bad. What is it with the left hip? I have the same hip pain. But not to your degree. After a long day at work, I have. I have hobbled out of the car and into bed. Its so bad it hurts to think of stretching, but that's the only way to break the cycle. If you can stretch out or do water therapy, a little at a time, it could get you some relief. Hope you feel batter real soon!

Sending you big hugs! It sounds like you have had some wonderful suggestions offered to you by. Does the pain decrease at all when you are at rest? Are there any positions you can maintain that decreases the pain in your hip? Do you have obligations that require you to go out everyday or move around a lot? I hope you get some relief very soon.

Thanks for the hugs! I have heard some wonderful suggestions that I plan on listening to :slight_smile: the pain does decrease when I’m laying down or sitting in my recliner, but the biggest help for me is the heating pad!fortunately I don’t have a ton of things that force me to go out much, but when I do go out I now have to use crutches to walk with so I can support my leg, otherwise it hurts to much to walk. Thanks for the good thoughts :slight_smile:

You need a Rheumatologist... and injections help but they are not for everyone...try a Chiropractor as well...

Bursitis in the hip comes to mind here... as well as gluteal bursitis. Hope you have found relief.

Huggs Belinda

Hi Belinda, good to see you! I hope you are well. Hugs!

Ibsain(Belinda) said:

Bursitis in the hip comes to mind here... as well as gluteal bursitis. Hope you have found relief.

Huggs Belinda