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Came to say hello


Hello, my name is Christine. I’m 41 and have had Fibro for ten years. I had endometriosis since my teens but had a hysterectomy last December. I had a bout with a severe case of hand foot and mouth disease back in August and ever since then I’ve been in a major pain flare. I work as a nanny 50 hours a week and commute an hour each way every day. I’m just so exhausted from the pain and work… Not getting a break from either… Just feeling very overwhelmed and getting depressed. I’ve been seeing a therapist for almost two years and it’s been very helpful.
Just wanted to come in here and say hi. Just looking for other people who understand to talk to.


Hi Christine,
So sorry to hear you’re having such a hard time right now. I have no words of wisdom, just my sympathy for how you’re feeling. I have had many flares brought on by a relatively minor virus or infection. It’s very frustrating. I hope you feel better soon.


Thank you for responding! I appreciate it!


Hi Christine I’ve had fibro for 25+ yrs and boy my life has really changed I’m retired from post office things that I like to do I can’t do anymore I used to be so picky about my house no clutter and you could practically eat off my floors my laundry was always done I would take a shower before work and after work now I had to give up being so picky I still hate clutter but I don’t have the strength to move anything I cry alot because I get so mad at myself because I have people in my life that say just push through the pain which I wish it was that easy I needed a hip replacement for 30 yrs and that pain I could push through it was because I was to young anyway I hope you have better support group than I do and welcome and glad you came to say hello


Nanny, welcome! We’re glad that you found us here. We get it, all of it. Please make yourself at home and join in the conversations.

Seenie from Moderator Support


Hi Nannyfor3, I understand your pain and fatigue. Most people do NOT understand what FM does to a human body. People are always asking me if I am better now when they see me up and about. I want to say “NO, this never goes away and I will never feel enthusiastic like you do”. I don’t say that of course and just say I am having a good day. I wish there was a short hand out that we could give out to people that we would like to have a friendship with.

You have come to the right place for support. We DO understand the pit falls put in your life. You really need to search for a Dr that will believe you about your pains and fatigue.


Thank you everyone!! I’m happy to meet you, thank you for the welcome!


Hi I really do sympathize with you. I am from the UK and they don’t really recognise this condition yet. Because you feel so tired well not as if you want to go to sleep that is. No this is different fatigue probably is the word. When you have fibro you have a sense of exhaustion daily. This Christine will be making you weepy. I take codeine for my pain and aches. Although I drive to and from work on a daily basis so can only take this on days when I am not at work. I also found Kalms help a little. This is a herbal remedy which you can buy at a chemist or supermarket. Try to grab about ten minutes just to relax through the day. I know from what you have told me about your work it is very difficult This is an awful condition you have and again I totally understand what you are going through. My heart goes out to you. Take care Karen xx


Hi there! Thanks! I do have a physically demanding job… Taking care of 4-5 kids. My issue right now is I have a new baby, an 18 month old and two 3 year olds… So they don’t nap at the same time meaning I never get any break over a ten hour work day. So that is effecting me a lot right now. I’m feeling a little better where the exhaustion is concerned. I had a very severe case of hand foot and mouth disease back in August… That virus send me into a terrible pain flare that’s lasted there last two months and I was just incredibly fatigued as well from fighting it off. Just over this weekend I’ve started to notice a bit of that debilitating fatgue lift. I also got a new bed and feel I slept really well this weekend. I never get sick like that (last time was 10 years ago when I got strep throat and then my fibro symptoms started) but I had a hysterectomy last December and I feel like my body is not back in sync 100% yet so my immune system is off. I know a lot of people with fibro have weakened immune systems but this has so far not been the case with me. Working with kids for 23 years I have a pretty strong immune system toward illnesses. Hopefully I’m finally bouncing back.


Hi At present my children are grown up and have kids of their own. I cannot imagine how difficult this would be for you to cope with a family as well as this condition. It is said to be an invisible illness as nobody can really see or understand how you are doing. All I can say is you are fantastic coping with all of this, and much stronger than you think. xx


I don’t actually have a family. I’m single and have no kids. But I’m a nanny for my job.


Hello Christine, very nice to meet you and very glad to have you here we are a very supportive bunch . Give me the work 50 hours a week around children on my gosh I can’t imagine anything more difficult
I hope that you aren’t sometimes like the president because one thing about this disease is really get you down and that makes the disease much more difficult to fight or deal with. I almost feel like mine is a disease like me against the Phibro. I’m so glad to have you with us like I said lisahead we are very nice bunch and it’s a great place to come and just Bendaree . Best to you. I hope that you can .