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Called and got my blood work results


The blood work came back all normal... not sjorgens or lupus or any infection...not sure about the flashing checkered board test...she told me the Dr. Usually reads those so he prob. had it on his desk... so... it is looking like MS. I was wrong on my appointment date...it is this Thursday...so that won't be such a long wait now.

Huggs, Belinda


Hello Belinda,

I am so sorry to hear that, just sending you positive thoughts, hugs and heart felt good wishes. Be strong, let us know how you get on

Take care, Anne


Belinda, I’m sorry for your news. Please know we’re thinking of you and are here should you need. Best of luck on Thursday. Please bring a friend with you if you’re able.


That's tomorrow... very soon. Looking to hear your next update... keeping fingers crossed for you, Belinda.


Thanks... My Mom will be going with me...she went to the last appointment with me and insists on going to this one too...Keep me in thoughts and prayers...