Cabin fever here

about to go batty. fibro flaring, hands all but useless. very cold and windy leaving the house not option. all my usual things to keep busy not possible. my thinker is thunk out.

sure could use some ideas!

thanks, loving hugs all around.

Ooooooo, I don't like that closeup photo of a bat!! Don't ever lose your sense of humor.

Do you do any crafts? You might try that. Crafts can consume your time fort quite awhile. I used to do lots of crafts, but I haven't done any since I retired from Teaching school 16 years ago. I told myself that I had to get my house cleaned up and clutter free, but that was never happening. This is the way I was brought up. Yesterday I had a lady come in and clean for me for two hours. She would have come again today, but I was exhausted when she left yesterday. I couldn't even watch TV as I kept dosing off. I slept last night and most of today.