Burning in muscles

Oh, Rocky is a cultural reference - a 1976 film starring Sylvester Stallone, in which his character, Rocky, runs up the stairs many times. He’s doing athletic training.

My Rheumatalogist has given me a script for water therapy, the insurance pays for that. I’m on SS, but you can check with your own insurance and see if they cover it. It’s worth looking into.

What is water therapy exactly?

Hi Laura, it’s physical therapy in the pool. Since I’m in pain, I cannot do regular physical therapy

Sassyfrace, have you tried Serequel for sleep? It’s the only thing that has ever helped me. I too deal with multiple health issues such as diabetes, mental health issues, thyroid cancer many years ago but have no thyroid now so have to stay on synthroid and have scans for new nodules, severe exzema, and on and on and on! There are weeks that I have an appt every day and sometimes two in 1 day. Which makes me anxious. You may want to see a therapist, I don’t know. I have a hard time dealing with people not understanding my fatigue and limitations due to pain. I find that pacing myself helps. I can only do so much in one day so I pick and choose carefully. I’m also on slow release Percocet at night but it’s not helping my morning pain. I’m not impressed with the Cymbalta either. Good luck to you. I also am having progression in the fibro. I wasn’t prepared for that.

Yes I am also experiences progression of fm,was not expecting this.I worse than ever I have yo be careful of my movements.Being watchful of sudden moves especially at night I bed,moving the wrong way gets those nerve ending going.When they starts Laying completely still makes the pain go away and nerve ending stop jumping around causing pain.

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Omg my muscles feel like fire most time I get excruciating cramp with it I’m up and down like a yoyo all day it is so annoying I don’t want sound patronising but for me it wS to be at peace with what I have it took 2 breakdowns and 5 years but I am now accepting who and what I am xxx good luck

I also am experiencing the on set of FM and I was not ready for it.The burning and stinging is awful along with sleep deprivation. I have had to increase the dosage of my Cymbalta and muscle relaxers. Not being able to carry anything for a length of time because it starts those nerve ending jumping all over and muscles cramping .Understanding your pain is right on track.Keep pushing do not give up Amanda,you have it do not let it have you,one plateau at a time.

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Does anyone suffer burning sense in
Your muscles suffering from fm

I have had Fibromyalgia for around 25 years and over the past 5 or 6 years things seemed to be getting worse. At first I was attributing all of my pain to Fibromyalgia until I was sent to a pain management clinic. They sent me to have X-rays, CT’s and MRI’s where they found that I have several fractures in my spine, sciatica, scoliosis. It seems like everytime I go to the doctor they find something else wrong with me.

I know the feeling.Can u tell me how old u r,and what ur daily activities r?As for me I have had FM before they knew what it was.

Hello Sassyfrace,

I deal with “burning muscles” a lot. It is very debilitating and there seems to be nothing that helps when it overcomes me. However, I have found a few tricks that has really seemed to help me these last 6 months or so and I’d be happy to share with you! I understand that not every remedy works for everyone but, hey, when you are desperate and in so much pain you honestly will try just about anything!
I began researching a lot on my condition and fibromyalgia and began asking questions to my doctor. I found out that fibro flare ups can be caused from inflammation in the body. So to combat this I really began watching what I ate and drank. I cut way back on my coffee, cut out nearly all pop, and I quite drinking alcohol. For my diet I realized that what I needed mimicked a dairy free/gluten free diet. Since I have really focused on cutting out those foods it has made a world of difference in my flare ups and how intense they are. I basically just eat meat/protein, vegetables and fruit. I’m living on a college budget right now and i have found that Aldi’s has been selling some amazing gluten free items lately. I have started drinking Kombucha tea which is full of powerful probiotics that combat bloated, inflammation in your gut and body and helps with brain fog too.
When my flare ups do happen I lather my aching muscles in aspercreme with lidocaine or blue emu (both available at your local pharmacy). Aspercreme with lidocaine really numbs my nerve and muscle pain and I can’t speak enough of how amazing it has worked for me! I also made my own rice heating pads of different sizes and weights. I use those a lot and they help so much.
I’m not sure what access you have to a pool but being able to float and stretch in a pool has really helped my spasms as well.
Getting massages or having someone massage you also helps relieve tension and pain.

Hope you find some relief!!

Hi Ariel, thanks for your post. I too decided on a nutritional approach some years ago, including going gluten free. I try( I say TRY because sometimes, especially stressful times, I’m known to just say the heck with it and eat junk!) to maintain a protein and plant based diet; I use my Nutribullet almost daily and choose fruits and veggies with anti inflammatory properties.
HUGEfan of Aldi’s as well!! Not only do the great prices make grocery shopping FUN for me, they continue to expand their G-free line of foods at about half the price of the other supermarkets!
In addition to dealing with fibromyalgia I have widespread arthritis and multiple level disc herniations in my neck and back from a car accident At any given moment of the day I am experiencing pain or discomfort from one or all 3 of these problems and it’s all I can do sometimes to keep a calm and positive attitude and get through the day. But trying my best to accept the situation for what it is.
Ha! That “situation” includes numbness in my hands while writing and typing, which is my cue to wrap this up!
Wishing you a good day!

Hi Ariel yes I would like to know how u handle burning muscles.My Cymbalta takes the burning from my muscles.As I had mentioned medical pot also helps when baked in cupcakes etc.

where did you hear that our muscles are contracted all the time? that would explain why I feel like I’ve just worked out all the time.

Hi Jenni,

My physiatrist in the anesthesiology and pain managent clinic at my hospital told me that about your cells being on empty all the time. (She’s an MD.) Yes, that’s how my muscles used to always feel, and all that would cause muscle spasms up my back and neck. The physiatrist would give me trigger point injections which would relax the spasms for awhile. From my reading I further found out that muscle cells for fibro sufferers are always short on whatever kind of energy fuel the mitochondria was supposed to be feeding them. I’m not certain whether they’re “out of gas” because the cells are always all clinched up, or they’re exhausted because they’re not getting that fuel that makes them go. Chicken/egg.

Although I think I may have mentioned it in this group, and everyone please pardon me if you already read this, but I say I “used to feel that way” because since I took all the gluten out of my diet March 1, I don’t have that or the body pain anymore, mostly. Brain fog is greatly diminished. I didn’t want to do it, but I realized that could be the likely culprit, and it was. It took about 5 weeks to see results, and it’s gotten even better since then. Prior to this, I had been having back-to-back multi-month relapses for a few years.

I resisted this step because, first of all, gluten is in very many yummy things. I’m also resistant to anything that’s been anywhere near fad status at any time. But guess what, I feel human again!

I go out and do actual things now. The other day I went to four stores in a row, including a long wander around Home Depot, recently having been unable to get to the back of the store and make it out the front again. (I was so tempted once this winter to just ask my boyfriend to pull me around on one of those flatbed carts they use for the lumber and other big stuff.) And then went to dinner with a friend. THEN I was tired!

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hi N8trluvr,

Yes I’m still blathering on about gluten, but consider this: just getting most of the gluten out of your diet won’t help. It’s got to be ALL gone, all of the time. Took 5 weeks for me to get results, but I am a new person now. Now, I wouldn’t touch it for A million bucks, although I dream about it!

You are correct there is no halfway or half the time with gluten… I was told it would take 6-9 months minimum to see/feel results of being gluten free…I personally felt the effects after about 90 days.

Even on my “stress eating” days, I DO NOT relapse on gluten! Lol; sugar tho…:grimacing:

I wish you a pain free weekend!:slightly_smiling_face:

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The Cymbalta has a direct effect on the nerves IN your muscles. It’s the aggravated nerves that give your muscles that burning feeling… but Ariel makes a good point about the cellular function…which came first/chicken/egg thing.
Over 20 years of trying to learn about this, reviewing research(yes, crackpot AND sound scientific data)I strongly believe there is a metabolic component to this syndrome. And even if you can’t draw a straight line with that theory to a cure; it’s ALWAYS been true(I’m a retired nurse, and this is an OLD nurses’ saying:) that healthy IN is healthy OUT. To that end I’ve learned to listen to my body’s reaction to the foods I put in it. It knows better than I do what I want!
Hope you’re feeling well today, Sassyfrace; on this first full day of Summer!
All the best,

Hi Ariel
Today my muscles were on fire,I was out running errands and had to suck it up.As it was very hard but I made it.When reaching home sitting down was my main objective. Eating something helped,then I took a muscle relaxer and a pain pill,what a relief,usually before going out my pain meds are taken.Rushing out taking my meds were not on my mind.Lesson learned.So glad for Cymbalta and Baclofen.