Bronchitis for over a month and not going away

i started feeling sick the first week in feb. i ended up in the hospital over night and have been in the er several times due to struggling to breathe. i have been on and off steriods. and on tuesday started another 2 weeks of leviquin at the highest dose. i questioned the dr about putting me back on levaquin and he said he felt that is was the best antibotic.

last night i was running a fever of 102 and today 101. i feel horriable and i am so sick of struggling to breathe. not to be gross but the mucus is so thick i am chocking on it even with drinking lots of water and taking mucinex dm the maximum strength.

i know that bronchitis can be viral but since i have asthma they always put on antibotics to be safe. i was off antibotics for ab out a week and that week i just got more sick. its like my body cant fight this and all the steriods make my already sucky immunine system even worse.

does anyone know if there is a really bad case of bronchitis going around that people r having a hard time getting over it? i am starting to think i will not get over this any time soon and i am ready to go crazy from being sick so long..

if u have any information on trying to get over this or how long it might take for me to get better.



HI Steph,

What the first thread did not tell you the second one will. It is not entirely the blame of the medical profession for using what they have been taught and made readily available to, it has to go back to the deregulation of the FDA as far as allowing livestock to be saturated with hormones, rather than properly grown.

These two threads are the tip of the iceberg as far as the over abundance of food with little or no true nutritional value and being genetically modified for higher quicker yield with little to no regard as to the consequences.

rattled posted an interesting blog today about the chain 'Whole Foods' that now require all food stuff sold through their company requiring that all labels specifically point out any genetically modified foods.

My first question is what is genetically modified food doing in a health food store in the first place! Start taking your glasses and magnifiers to the store with you! Grow you own food whenever you can, research the seeds and use natural fertilizers is a start!

I'd appreciate anything else anyone would like to add to my opinions.

Steph, I hope they can find a way to get you well. I would be tempted at this point to seek out a highly regarded holistic physician, or even an Orientally trained acupuncturist, as they are highly trained in herbs, some are masters, and they are not the light weight stuff we buy in the grocery stores.

Wishing you well,


rattle's blog is entitled 'Food revelation 101'.

Also please be aware of this. I have personal experience of rupturing both achilles tendons while on Levaquin in the 1980's before it was ever added to the list of precautions. This was also taken for bronchitis.

Cipro in the same family with the same tendon tear/rupture problems. I learned this the hard way!

Hey there,

You have been on the antibiotics long enough for them to have started working if they are going to, if they are not helping see about stopping them because there is no point taking them if they are not working, and you may actually be killing off healthy bacteria in the gut and causing the perfect grounds for a virus to spread through your body as the bacteria have lost hold. Also you need to be concerned about the antibiotics being present for so long that bacteria can develop a resistance to them and in future they will be useless when you need them.

After reading what you have written I would honestly say that hospital is the best place for you. Your temperature is getting dangerously close to killing off enzymes used in digestion and this will only make matters worse as you will get no nutrients from your food and be too weak to fight an infection. If you are not already doing so take acetaminophen, 1000mg four times a day, this should reduce the temperature as much as can be hoped for with an over the counter remedy. DO NOT take any extra if you are already on it, on tynelol-3 as you will overdose. Ask your pharmacist if you are not sure if what you are taking contains acetaminophen (paracetamol).

Try to keep cool with wet flannels or cold compresses to the forehead, and avoid diving under covers even though I know it is what you want to do. If your temp reaches 105 you NEED to go to hospital. As you are above 100 I would STRONGLY ADVISE you go to hospital. They can give you much stronger drugs, keep you monitored properly and keep an eye out for any other infection etc. I am not trying to scare you but I have to be honest, if you do not get yourself into a hospital you will probably be battling this for a long time to come.


Ps... contact me if you need to talk, question anything or need any other support.

thanks mike. i had not thought about the effects the antibotics r doing to my body. this weekend i have not felt good at all and i slept alot. today is really crappy out and not helping how i feel.

i have been taking the max dose of tylenol but it is not seeming to always help with the fever.

i have been to the er and they just keep sending me home and telling me to take the meds a nd rest.

sorry for writing this and then disappering. i wasnt feeling good at all and so i ended up just sleeping. i would get up eat and go right back to bed.

the antibotics r now really messing with me and causing not so nice side effects. so that on top of not feeling good is just about to make me go crazy.

i am not really sure what to think or do right now. i guess i will wait a few days and if no changes good or bad i will have to go back to the dr and see what they want to do. the good thing right now is that my fibro is not acting up.

Sleeping is probably the best thing for you. Sleep will help you more than medications in all likelihood so get plenty of it xx

my nephew had a performance at school and his parents couldnt go since it was in the middle of the day so he asked if i would go. i was feeling fine so i went. i seemed fine untill about dinner time when things just came crashing down. i started wheezing and the high fever. it makes no since why would going out for a few hours make me that sick.

i thought about going back to the er but i am not sure if they would have done much. i was able to breathe better after the breathing treatment and the fever did come down some with tylenol. i went from being red as a tomato and freezing to white as a ghost and sweating. i want to go outside and cool off but i know that would just make me sicker.

i havent had problems breathing in a few days which makes me wonder are the antibotics working? its been 8 days of a 14 day dose. i feel like i shouldnt be having any symptoms by now especially since i was already on 2 weeks of antibotics.

i wish drs still made house calls. i am afraid to go out again. i was not having problems till i went out. i didnt feel 100 percent but not like this either. i am afraid of my mom getting what i have. i have been really careful about washing my hands. my mom is having surgery 4-1 and i would hate for her to be sick while she recovers. so far no one seems to be sick just me.

thanks i have been sleeping as much as my body wants to. i am not working and my mom will help with symba. the main thing is keeping food in his bowl or he gets mad. he will get into things if he doesnt have food.

That no one has caught it does sound a little like whatever agent has caused it has buggered off. Bronchitis is one of those weird things that the symptoms linger long after the causative agent has been killed. Obviously keep up with the good hygiene as this will make sure that there is a lower chance of things spreading. I would also recommend using some disinfectant spray on any door handles, light switches, buttons you have pressed etc, just to be on the safe side. Maybe every 3 days or so give it a clean.

By going out the advantage your body had got from the rest has been foiled... however hard it is you need to rest well, at least until a week after your symptoms are gone and then slowly introduce activity. Think of it like this, if you know going out will make you ill and you still do it then is that not self harm?