Breast tenderness....anyone else?

Hello everyone!!

So here I continue with this fibro discovery stage, where understanding what is fibro and what is not. So I got my routine check done and all is Ok, got my mamo and all clear too. I still struggle with my spams and GERD and IBS. Lately seems to have breast tenderness, and read that fibrocystic breast is very commom as an underlying condition for Fm patients (like with IBS). Anyone else has experienced the same?!?

Any advice, tips…welcome!!!

Yes i get this all the time no idea why though.

Thank you Mandy, it is such a releif to know one is not alone!!!

Yes i was wondering for a while why i had breast tenderness but i now know its now down to fibro

I have had breast tenderness for the past 6 yrs. I dunno if it is the Fibro or Hormones, You might want to get ahold of your Gyn or Primary 1st before you shrug it off as Fibro. M

Hello Jess,

I don't get breast tenderness, thank goodness - lots of other things to contend with! I do hate wearing bras tho! I have been trying to find one that is comfortable to wear for a while now, but no luck. When I have been at work or needed to wear a bra have to take it off the minute I get home. Any have same problem?

Take care, Anne

hi. i have had fibrocystic ( lumpy) breasts way before i became ill. It is not an uncommon thing for women and studies say that 50% of women will experience this at some point in their lives. I have not done any research to see if it relates to fibromyalgia though, however i just googled and it says they are 2 separate things but you can have one or the other or both. And if you have fibromyalgia the tenderness in the breasts may be more uncomfortable.. I feel your pain....Now that i have gone through menopause i dont get that kind of pain that with the fibrocystic breats. with the cystic breats they will be more tender around the time of menstruation.

i am glad your routine checks all came out good.yay for that



Hi Anne!

Funny you mentioned this, since I usually take my bra off the minute I jump into my car. After a 10hrs shift I am so ready to be release, plus they tend to tight my shoulders!! You are not alone :wink:

Hi Luna,

I got my tyroids and hormones checked just last month and they came back OK as per my Gyn. I had a TAH 6 months ago, and all is fine! I guess that FM just make everything just a bit more tender!!

Thanks for the feedback Suzie!! I do have lumpy breasts and I guess FM just makes them a bit more tender.

Thanks to every single one of you for your thoughts and feedback. Is great to have this support system!!