Brain fog making me afraid I'll lose my job

As I'm sure many of you know, brain fog gets in the way of many things. I'm currently working at a job doing data processing, and my brain fog is getting so bad it's causing me to make mistakes at work and then I have zero memory of most of what I've worked on. Nevermind that I already have to deal with the distraction of terrible pain daily. I'm so scared they're going to fire me. It took me forever to find a job that doesn't require me to stand all day. I don't know what I'm going to do because I have no other income to lean on and not enough savings to keep me going for more than a couple months. I've only looked into disability a little bit. Every time I do it seems like I'd never get it, and a lot of it I don't understand. I'm super stressed because I have no idea what to do. I'm also getting more and more depressed because of it. I'm normally a very independent person, so this is really hard for me.

Being independent and having FMS totally and officially sucks!

I've been independent most of my life, and even though I'm starting a new business, I find that that is ALL I can do. If my husband didn't take care of groceries, laundry, the dogs,... I'd be done.

I wish you the best of luck!


Have you told your boss that you have Fibro? Maybe they can make your some accommodations for you. Also, when I'm having a brain fog day or getting distracted by the noise around me I use headphones and listen to music. When I do that I find that I can focus better and get more done. Another think I've had to start doing so I can remember what I've done throughout the day is write everything down. I have a calendar that is broken into 30 minute time slots and if I have multiple things I'm working on I write down when I change from one task to another. This might not help but I hope so. Please don't let it get you depressed (I know easier said then don) because we all know that doesn't help it just makes the situation worse.

Gentle Hugs,


Thank you all for the replies and suggestions. My boss does know about my fibro and she knows what fibro is. She also knows I've been to the doctor recently. I do most of those things (almonds at work for snacks, headphones, etc.) My last visit to the doctor didn't really help me much, but I'm going to the rheumatologist next month, so maybe she can help me figure some things out. Thank you all for the support. It means a lot.

Yes I use headphones as well to help focus. Somehow the music directly in my ears helps. I vary my music choice and sometimes just use nature sounds which helps me lower my stress a little. Hugs