Bowen Massage Therapy

I wanted to know if anyone has tried Bowen Massage Therapy to obtain relief from fibro pain. I am going to a woman who practices this on Monday and wanted to see what people thought and if it worked for anyone. It is a very gentle massage that is used specifically for pain management reduction.

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Hi DLP, I have not had this type, but have had the therapeutic massage. The Bowen would be a much lighter touch than what I experienced. I hope it is of great help to you!


No, I've never heard of it but it's worth a shot. When I had massage done, it helped me feel better temporarily. I just couldn't afford to keep going. I'd love to hear your thoughts on it after you've had a few sessions, so we can all be enlightened about it. Any new ideas/techniques to help us are so gratefully appreciated!

I hope you find it helpful. Massage was the only thing, besides some drugs, that helped with my pain.

Hi Desiree

I am a licensed massage therapist. I have not experienced Bowen Therapy but I have heard that many people like it. I try to get massage at least twice a month. It really makes a difference for me. I know that I need to have a deeper touch on my neck and shoulders and a lighter touch on my legs and feet. My advice as a LMT (Licensed Massage Therapist) to all that are having massage, if it hurts good it is okay, if it hurts bad you need to tell therapist to lighten up. Remember it is your time, your money and more importantly your body. I do have fibro along with a 2 level fusion in my neck and lower back. Also was just diagnosed with peripheral neuropathy. Everytime I go for massage, my body is different with what I can handle. I think it is important to have a good relationship with your massage therapist. If you go back to the same one they will get to know your body and know how best to help you.

I know that massage is expensive. There are therapists that work out of their homes and can work with you financially. They do packages etc. I hope you have a good experience and feel better. Also, you might check with your medical insurance to see if they will help pay for your massage with a doctor's prescription. Just a thought.

I know that I feel good getting a massage but I also feel bad for a couple days. It is hard to explain but I really need to have them so I don't get migraines as frequently.

Sorry this went on so long. Take care.

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Thank you all for the responses. I will definitely let you know if it helps. I wish all of you more days that are less painful. I did way too much today and am paying for it so it is probably good I am going to the massage tomorrow night.

Enjoy it, hope it's wonderful for you! You deserve to be pampered a bit!

So I went to my first session and it was amazing. My whole right side and pretty much everywhere hurt from over doing my cleaning on Sunday. I was so relaxed and most of the things she did caused little pain. The pain that I did experience was the good type of pain like she was working out a trigger point rather than pushing on the tender points. To put things into perspective for everyone I hurt to get out of the chair from a seated position for at least the last 2 weeks if not more. When I was done I started to get out of the chair with trepidation but realized I could move with fluid motions and get up with little pain.

In addition to relieving a lot of the pain I had I also feel uncoiled. I didn't realize how tense I was until that tension started to melt away.

I am not pain free but I feel so much better than I did when I went to her. Now tomorrow and the next few days I may be sore but I will let you know the verdict of how I feel before I go in next Monday and have another session with her.

The great thing about Amy is that she will work with me on payments because although I can treat myself now I may not be able to treat myself so much in the future.

This offered me hope finally for living with less pain and I hope it continues to work in the future. Wishing all of you less painful days and nights.


Hi Desiree , sounds like your session was helpful, I am going for a massage tomm, I can’t wait !! The last two I had helped so much. Each one seem to help with pain as well as energy level. I never heard of Bowen massage, but I’m going to ask about it tomm.
seems like in order to manage fibro & CFS we have to constantly be proactive, I just sometimes wonder… had I done all this stuff pre- fibro if it would have changed things or made a difference.
Between diet changes, exercise, lots of rest and sleep, massage, warm pool therapy, yoga, and multiple supplements … This is a full time job… Without pay, I’m just thankful I can do these things
Hugs & blessings

Yes it definitely is a full time job. Bowen is a lot lighter than regular massage and there is a lot more pressing with thumbs and fingers on certain areas that somehow work to make the pain better. I thought I would be sore today but I am more pain-free than I have been in a long time. I feel like it helped my mood as well as I was a lot less stressed and more happy all day. It is like the energy is flowing more freely after I received the massage. Have fun with yours and it is nice to be able to do nice things for ourselves and it is too bad it took pain for us to treat ourselves.