Bone pain in feet and toes

I’m curious if anyone has signicant pain in the joints of their toes, as well as pain in the bones at the front bottom of your foot (metatarsal area?) I have other no fibro foot problems but I’m trying to sort out whether these are fibro or, perhaps,arthritis. When bad, they pretty much rule out walking for me.

Have you had your vitamin D checked? That’s why my bones hurt worse

Dear capefibro, these are not meant as a diagnosis, only your dr can do that for you, just some possibilities that came up on a google search.

Hi Sk,

Thanks SK and to all. I do have Morton’s neuroma and also have congenitally weak ligaments that my podiatrist told me would increasingly make it difficult and painful to walk. my father couldn’t walk more tha fifty feet for much of his last thirty years and I’m pretty much there on bad days. I was curious if this symptom is also a fibro symptom, apparently not.

I am separating tihis symptom from freezing/burning feet from the ankles down that forces me to wear two pairs of wool socks and six wool blankets at nite. I suspect the feet and cold sensitivity, unfortunately getting worse for me and living in MA, is a common fibro symptom.

You are braver than I. The podiatrist I saw years ago said the success rate was not so good so I had several cortisone injections with no relief. My current pod was also not urging me since a minor foot surgery had been a real hassle. interestingly, I think I have also developed one in exactly the same spot on the other foot. My guess is that you were wise to have it removed, I’m prettysurethesevere arthritis I developed in my big toe on the opposite foot was due to overcompensating in my walking.

I had orthopedic shoes for years as a kid, did not prevent the breakdown of my ligaments/arches…familial weakness. I used to hike and even carried the mail for a summer but the last year has seen a rapid decline in my feet, despite weighing only 132 pounds for decades.

Elective surgery is a hard choice;I probably won’t do it because it is only part of my foot problem and flares and subsides, unlike the ligaments, which are shot. My deceased father’s podiatrist once told him he needed a double foot transplant when my dad asked him what would help. Like him, I’ve worn these expensive $500.!) orthotics for years, modest help but better than nothing. I had hoped to travel a bit but even walking around local cities is bad after a few blocks and cobblestones…murder.

Hi I do have pain in my feet, sometimes ankle and achilles heal. I get pain in the front, bottom portion of my feet, and it feels like something is there. I also get pain on the top of my feet, almost like cramping. Makes it very hard to walk.

I found that heat and massage help. Also I see an accupunture person who really helps with all my Fibro

I take some herbs, but the accupunture treatment itself actually relieves pain and begins healing. If you can give it a try it really works. I was skeptical at first, but now I am believer.

I did for a while, and then it disappeared. Typical of fibro. It could also be arthritis in your case. The way to check is to have a quick x-ray done. I'm betting it's fibro but you never can tell. I know, it's awful when fibro interrupts our ability to walk. Every day I pray that the fibro doesn't get so bad that I can't walk, so I really do sympathize with you and that awful pain.

Dear Cape,

I have secondary Raynaud's Phenomenon, this reminds me of what you just described. of course both are circulatory problems. My GP diagnosed, my Rheumatologist confirmed.

Please keep a running list of symptoms and give them to your Dr next visit. I was given a vasodilator to take when I need it.

To answer several folks at once. I think your feet have to lose color/turn blue to be diagnosed with Raynaud’s.

My last ray showed arthritis only in one big toe joint. Certainly possible it has arisen elsewhere. Guess I need to return to podiatrist… Never returned to rheumatologist after my second fibro dx four years ago, she is a flake. Suspect three or four different conditions
Cconditions are affecting my feet. This bone/joint pain in feet does not seem too common here, tho.