Body Pillow Anyone?

So, on a whim, I recently bought a body pillow (which my hubby calls a monstrosity in our bed - I admit it is a big one!), and it helps immensely. I had already used a pillow between my knees, but having this one, also at chest level, helps my arthritic shoulders and eases the pain. Has anyone else tried this? Let me know your thoughts… Hope you all have a beautiful day :purple_heart:


I once got one for comfort when I couldn’t sleep on my own. Now the opposite, so I don’t need it… any more… :roll_eyes: - but it’s close if I did. I do have 2 pillows and a cushion and two different duvets to assort as needed… :sunglasses:


I love my body pillow! It’s super hard for me to sleep without it now. Of course, I also have 5 different regular pillows stacked on my bed to accommodate whatever mood my neck is in today.


Aahhh, my neck has been so very particular in the last few weeks hurting at night… :roll_eyes:. It’s never been so supple, 90° is no problem, that’s not the problem any more, so stretching & traction exercises etc. don’t help any more. Massage gadget on it the other night made it worse. Praps a stint with arnica cream… My usual pillow antics don’t help. Praps acupressure.
And my sleep has also got trying, I think a combination of acupuncture-cortisol to get my energy up, plus histamine (= peaks at 3). I’m trying to bring the evenings “forward” to get to bed earlier. And I’m trying to no longer use Yoga Nidra much to substitute sleep, but to get up till I’m tired again, adding a 2nd cold shower at night. Tonight I added a 5th passiflora, which helped the first 4 hours, apart from strong pee urges once an hour. And now I’m wide awake again, ready to take on the world in the middle of the night. Hey, praps I should go to a club for an hour! :man_dancing: If it doesn’t improve by the weekend, after telling my acupuncturist on Thursday, I’ll try my antihistamine again.

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Hahahahaha, first time I laughed today -Maybe first time all weekend- Reading your comment about going to a nightclub for an hour! NOT the normal treatment prescribed for a bad neck, Jay, but I could see you doin’ it! LOL (Tell me you were kidding!) :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :sweat_smile: :star_struck: :star_struck: :star_struck: Disco down, baby

PS Seriously, though, I hope you find a solution!

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Yeah, I was: turns out I’dve had 2 hours… :sunglasses: - enough to get there and back too and longer than an hour… (If I’d’ve found an open club that is…)

OK, seriously: truth is often “subjective” and in that moment I was really making such plans to take advantage of the situation - carpe noctem… Then came another part of me making exactly one of those faces you “made” when you read it… and suggesting I could just go down the staircase to inspect my bike and that might be more than enough. I think the inkling / wake dream was born a few weeks ago: My wife had recommended me to try going for a walk, that would make her sleepy. So I did and it didn’t. (Unless she meant my walk would make her sleepy…) I managed to sleep from about 6 to 10 that night tho, after doing something else to get me tired again, sitting not walking.

OK, going to bed earlier tonight. Probably be saying hello again in 4 hours at the latest, let’s see…!
Tonight may be fun as I actually did get the neck pain down with the acupressure linked above, then my right clavicle started playing up later… Let’s see what happens there, too…

May tonight’s adventure begin: Ooon guard…! :person_fencing: :crossed_swords:

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A walk would have definitely woken me up…and woken up my bunions, which do not like walking. If I could ignore my bunions, knees and back, I would walk Bella. She is overweight, but, fortunately she likes to play fetch (we have 5 or 6 rubber sticks she chases - you remember the stick incident -right? - You did write a song about it) 0hhhhhh Bella, Ohhhhh Bella -I’m laughing so hard here :laughing: I did enjoy the song!!! And Bella enjoyed being famous!!!

It’s SO Good your neck pain has lessened. Ouch, clavicle pain is not fun either :frowning_face: Hang in there, friend! :purple_heart:

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