Body hum , vibrations , EMF sensitivity?

Does any besides me experience , a body hum or vibration or emf sensitivity ? Can you feel and hear the electrical currant to the point of being nauseous ? I can't go to the movie store or groceries . Right now because of this . I have read that it could be a magnesium deficiency . I just started taking 400 mg of magnesium citrate . Once a day . Anyone have anymore ideas I have special needs children I need to take care of !

Hi, Kllys. I have a buzzing body hum off and on and a range of things have been offered up in speculation by my drs.- magnesium deficiency, neurological malfunction, Restless Legs/Arms or possibly side effects from medications. It’s only mildly troubling to me given larger scope of my recent diagnosis of shoulder nerve compression and so, I’ve tabled it for now. If you haven’t yet, be sure to let your doctor know, so they can help you get down to the bottom of it. It’s not a Fibro-specific symptom to my knowledge and there are many speculations that can be offered here, but starting with your doctor on symptoms such as these is often best.

Well my wonderful doctors who soon will not be informed on much anymore as I think I may switch to a holistic approach , I called them and they wanted me to go to the ER for a PHSYC. EVAL. SO YAH! NOT TO HAPPY WITH THEM RIGHT NOW ! Apparently , EMF sensitivity to them is not a real thing . Nor is a magnesium deficiency . I JUST FEEL LIKE dying right now , I'm on methotrexate for RA I probably don't even have because it didn't show up , just minimal inflammation showed in blood work so rheumatologist thought since I felt some what better on prednisone a while back I must have RA too . Because Fibromyalgia doesn't present inflammation . Oh but it does ! So I have found ! Just about throw it all out the window . I just keep getting worse with each does of methotrexate .

This sounds like you might have Sensory Overload. Just google it and you should be able to get more information.
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Absolutely I do , I know this . But just not sure how all out of no where it changes . You know what I mean . Its like I've always been able to feel sounds and taste smells .sounds I could hear things most couldn't like the carbonation in an open pop can in the next room while the the tv was on .:-) Which is strange to some people . Then when I quit smoking and the fibro started that's when the senses went haywire . Lights were to bright couldn't have correct contact with my field of view ,.now smells are enhanced so much that I can smell a rotting piece of meat lost n the back of the fridge while its closed . I can walk into a house and know if you had black mold . When I'm sleeping if someone is making strong regular coffee I get sick its like I drank it . And sound like bass vibration make my insides feel as if they are Beeing torn apart . Since starting the methotrexate things seem to b getting worse . I didn't think fibro got worse .
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This sounds like you might have Sensory Overload. Just google it and you should be able to get more information.
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I also experience these. People sure do look at you strangely when you tell them thier old box television is putting out a high pitch frequency.

The common bright lights used in stores and classes bother me as well.

I have adapted using ear plugs (audio ones so I look less crazy) and a pair of light sensitivity glasses. They have a special coating on the lens.

This is allodynia. Look it up and see if it fits. Below is an excerpt of suggestions from a blog called The Chronic Journey:

This would be a good time to examine what kind of fuel you are using to run your body.
Do you drink sugary sodas? Sugar causes inflammation.
Alcohol? See sugar.
Do you eat grass-fed beef? Cattle were designed to process grass. Soy and corn-fed cattle are full of inflammation.
Is your fish wild caught or farm raised and fed super inflammatory chicken poop? Farmed tilapia is the worst. It’s like eating puss.
Is your chicken grain fed and raised in a tiny box or free-range? Is it loaded with antibiotics that will destroy the flora and fauna in your gut?
Do you read food labels? Are you avoiding partially hydrogenated oil or trans fats? Please do. MSG and anything you can’t pronounce are not doing you any favors, either.
How about fried or grilled foods? I know they can be so delicious, but other things are delicious, too. Foods that are fried or cooked at high temperatures have high levels of inflammatory advanced glycation end products (AGEs), which forms when foods are cooked in high heat. Try to eat less fried or grilled food. Eat more baked, steamed and raw foods.
With the higher levels of inflammation from poor food choices, our bodies are convinced they’re in a constant state of attack, especially when we’re also ingesting leftover levels of antibiotics, hormones and pesticides. By making several changes, the sensations of allodynia could decrease over time.

I too experience all of the sensory, sound , taste movement, smell ,etc. issues as she posted . thank you so much for your advice about better fueling our bodies and actually explaining it a bit. very helpful!