Blood test

Has anyone heard about a new blood test for fibro?

I’ve heard both yes and no to your question. So, sorry I don’t have the answer. I hope the answer from others is yes.

Hi Michaelyl, there is no real blood test for FM and can’t be for quite some time, so you can only be referring to Bruce Gillis’ so-called “FM/a test”, which only measures cytokines, unspecific immune biomarkers. It’s been available since about 2012. Unfortunately this is not only a false claim under the pretense of doing us a favour, but he also - strangely - thought a BVG vaccine might heal fibro, and last year was lying to people interested in the test that they would be able to help develop this idea by doing the “test” and then taking part in the trial, altho he was no longer pursuing it (despite having earned more than enough money from selling the >1000$ “test”). A good money making scheme to “sell us certainty” about the diagnosis.
See FM/a test bogus? - Interesting Article from "MedPage Today" and STAT news: Selling Certainty,
FM/a test,
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