Biofeed Back

Has anyone had any success with biofeedback. My pain mgmt. Dr. (who I've had for a long time because of back/neck issues) wants me to try it. I'm open to the idea, but was just wondering what other peoples experiences were. Thanks

Hi Trish!

I haven't tried it yet. I went to a pain management clinic that claimed to use unique treatments for fibro, including biofeedback. BS! All they offered was counseling and PT. The PT person didn't know how to handle a person with fibro and overworked me so that I was about dead going out the door. The counseling was weird too. I really wanted to try the so-called biofeedback! But no, they didn't offer it. Or acupuncture. Or water therapy. All things they mentioned having on their pamphlet that they didn't actually have.

If you try it, will you please let us know if it's helpful? I'd really like to know, as I'm open to trying it.

Thanks and good luck if you do it!