Besides the Meds, what do you do to take care of the pain?

I am wondering what you all do to feel better?? I am hoping that those who respond to my post can give me some ideas. I usually take a hot bath, but because my kneed are so bad now, I can't do it anymore. I also use a heating pad when needed. Do any of you have suggestions of what else would help me? When a hot bath or shower doesn't help I just crawl into bed, in tears, because I don't know what else to do. Would anything homeopathic help me? I had a very rough time last night, trying the sleep (as usual0 and I was thinking that so far, no meds have helped me and there must be something I can do besides what I have done already. Are the any OTC meds that might help. I am unfortunately allergic to Aspirin. I developed divirticulitis 3 years ago from using so much aspirin to take care of the pain. Thanks!! Beautiful hugs!! laurie

In terms of practical, hands on solutions, it doesn't go much beyond moist heating pads (the kind you heat up in the microwave, they have thera-beads in them) and massage. When I was married, my wife would obviously work the area that hurt (one of the glorious eighteen spots that send us screaming), but more importantly, she would work the areas immediately outside that area. the thinking was that by loosening up the surrounding muscles and tissues, it would give the screaming area less of a chance of seizing up, thus reducing the pain.

I am no longer with wife and my poodle, while handsome, is a terrible masseuse. I use a hand-wand massager that I got via Brookstone and that thing is a blessing. There are cheaper brands out there but they may not be strong enough or have a vibrating feature or heat. Shop around and try a few. It's no magic pill, but it is a great way to do something other than crawling into bed in tears.

Last, IMHO the most important thing you can do when you feel like crap is to MOVE! LAURIE, YOU HAVE TO MOVE. When you hurt, the LAST THING YOU WANT TO DO IS MOVE, BUT IT IS THE BEST THING YOU CAN DO. First off, you are telling your body that you are still the boss. That is a huge mental key. By having you in debilitating pain, we all feel like succumbing. It is so easy to just give in to the pain. At some point in your FM career, you are going to tell the FM to go to hell and stop bothering you. It's good practice even if you are moving a little bit more than you would normally move. MOVE!!

Here is how I look at it. I want you to think of your body as a sponge. When you are in full couch potato mode and not moving, your body is like a dry sponge. Have you ever tried to bend a dry sponge? When you move and get the blood flowing throughout, it is reaching those areas that are hurting and wetting the sponge. Have you ever tried to bend a wet sponge? Big difference between that and the dry one, huh?

Good luck

Walking helps me, sometimes I lay on the floor and stretch my body as much as it allows me. There have been times when even this is painful, but through tears I do what I can. I also take vitamins d, b13, a multi, and mega 3.


Have you tried Voltaren Emulgel cream to rub on the painful areas? I get it OTC in Canada but not sure where you live. I've heard in the U.S.--it's obtained by Rx. (could be wrong...don't know). Another thing I do is literally swaddle myself in my electric blanket as the small heating pad doesn't seem quite enough. Like you, I can no longer have a bath b/c of my knees (and weakness of getting out of the tub).

I also take an Extra strength Advil but don't know if that would bother your divirticulitis...worth checking into I would think? I know that I'm not supposed to mix it with aspirin .. so it might be OK for you.

I know exactly how you are feeling and it is SO frustrating trying to find something to 'break through' that pain so you/we can get some zzzz's.

I'm not sure if I helped you but I tried. I don't know what I would do without the Voltaren Emulgel and my electric blanket.

I hope you find comfort,

Soft gentle hugs to you,


Being in a heated pool helps me. I also take a bath with Epsom salts in hot water but like u I have trouble getting in and out of the tub these days. I have yet to find a cream that helps ill have to look up the one Geranium mentioned above but I live in the U.S. I’ll do some research on it. Any suggestions?

Hi Marc - LOL You should've been either a doctor or a scientist. I, too, have a heating pad that you put in the microwave. I works really well. I don't care for the ones that are electric though. I feel like if I fall asleep with the pad on - I would be in serious trouble. So no dice! When I am in a lot of pain, if the weather is nice out (I can''t stand cold weather. It just about kills me with the Arthritis flare up!) I do get outside and walk a little. I do the best I can. also - my girlfriends and I will go out for the day and just relax and do some window shopping!! LOL They are always trying to match me up with someone. But for now, I love my freedom being away from my ex-husband as he was so rude and cruel to me. I don't know if I told you this. But I entered in to my marriage very healthy and happy. In the marriage itself, I developed Fibro, high blood pressure. essential tremors of the hands and my confidence and self-worth will literally shot down I had a very tough time in boosting myself up. It took a while, but I am there, happy and stuck with Fibro! LOL I am so grateful for this group, Marc. I felt such a sense of isolation for many years because of my Fibro. I couldn't model anymore - as I did this for fun and charity events. I had to close many chapters in my life and open a new own as time went on. Who wants to see a model limping down the runway?? LOL I wouldn't blame the audience for chuckling! All I can do for now is take one day at a time. I am due to see a new Rheumatologist soon. They sent me some paper work to fill out, so I don't have to do it at their office. Have a ''painless'' day!! Laurie


I agree with the "moving" of your body. Even though you don't feel like you want to, it is good simply because it increases blood flow, and that increases oxygen exchange and distribution of oxygen to all cells in your body. That's where we get our energy. If exercise of any sort causes you pain, try to soak in epsom salts bath "after" the exercise and this usually keeps me from cramping up and flaring with pain. Worst thing you can do is to stop moving around and just vegetate. That's bad for any person, even healthy people who don't have fibro. We also need adequate amounts of fluid for cellular function.

All the pills in the world are not going to replace the basic needs of the body. Find a good naturopathic doctor or integrative doctor who will do a comprehensive lab testing for you and see if there are any deficiencies that can be corrected, and address diet issues. The types of foods that you are eating will affect your pain levels too. There is alot that you can do. The answers don't always lie in the medications that you take.


prayer and Tylenol. Legtrim at night. it is over the counter. what meds you taking ?

Hi ALoha!! Thanks so much for emailing back to me. I love heated pools, and I am actually looking into swim classes right now for people who have joint problems and Arthritis That's so strange that you would mention that - as it has been on my mind for a while. The pool is near me. It's strictly used for exercising in the pool. I have a girlfriend who goes 4 tomes a week, and she swears by it, that she feels much better. She has Rheumatoid arthritis. Getting up in our years is NOT for the faint hearted!! LOL Love, Laurie

HI Geranium! I am going to write down the cream you have mentioned and maybe I can get it. I am willing to try anything to get me through the day! LOL In the past 3 weeks that I have been on this site, the information and suggestions I have been getting is really a huge help for me. I write down some of the things to talk to my doctor about it. With all the info I get, I bet I know more than than my RX.!! BIG hugs!! Thank you for your info!! Laurie

I'll just pop in here again..The Voltaren Emulgel is for the relief of muscle, joint & back pain. It is like Diclofenac...but is a transdermal effect. In Canada, we need a RX for Diclofenac (really expensive) but a friend of mine in Mexico gets it OTC and sends it to me for a mere pittance compared to what I would have to pay in Canada. Eg...60 pills would cost me $125.00 here, whereas my friend in Mexico sends me 250 pills for $25.00. I don't use the Diclofenac very often (maybe once every 2 weeks). I have a VERY low tolerance to chemicals and cannot tolerate Cymbalta, Lyrica, Tramacet, and another (can't recall name of right now--fibro fog..YUK.

Oh yes...the heated pool sounds awesome IF there is one available. I'd have to drive a substantial distance to get to one...kinda defeats the purpose eh?

Time for my mid-morning nap now....I wish you some comfort wherever you can find it.


Wow - Allergic, you really spelled it out to me that I should be a tad bit more involved with my Fibro! LOL I have been trying to do a little more than what I usually do. Many times, I have gone out - having errands to do and so on. I purposely parrk my car far away from where I am going - just to be able to get that little exercise I need so bad. I am a very healthy eater, but I am sure some of the things I DO eat may not benefit me as it should. I just received a paper form my nurse yesterday to get a lot of lab tests done. She knows I have Fibro, but she also thinks other things are going on. I have a lot of things to do on Monday of next week - and I am going to include the blood work too.

I totally agree with you Ally as I've been on a gluten free diet going on 3 weeks now and am actually starting to feel a difference. Also the coconut water I drink seems to be helping as to the fluid intake (don't like the chlorine water--yuk)

Not to say I don't have mega Flare-ups...I still do.

Geranium, Thanks again. I will definitely look into the suggestions you have given me. Much appreciated Hugs!! Laurie

HI Deberiana - I was on Celebrex for a long time, and it really worked for me. But (as usual) my health insurance decided it was too exspensive and they took it off their list for antiinflammatories. Right now I am not on anything to help me. However my nurse just faxed a referral to (from what I hear!) a great female doctor to help me out. Her office is just about 4 block from me. So,when I get that appointment and the weather is nice. I want to walk there to get my exercise. It might take me a while to get there, so I will start WAY ahead of time, so that I get there on time! LOL Laurie


One other thing that I just thought of that was pointed out to me by my doctor that I'll mention. He noticed that most fibro patients are very shallow breathers. I am one. With all the pain, especially in the upper body, we tend to contract and hunch up alot, what they call "guarding." This doesn't allow for full expansion of our chest, and leads to shallow inhalations. This further decreases the oxygen flow and lung capacity. So, being conscious of that is beneficial. It helps me. I try to keep my posture good and expand my chest, deep breathing is excellent for increasing the oxygen plus relaxation. Helps your brain too. We definitely need that. :')


I will add my response to others’ and say…move, despite the pain. I f you can actually exercise, aerobic (difficult, I know), that is actually considered the front line treatment for fibro. when I get out of bed in the AM, forcing myself actually, I can’t believe the variety of old and new fibro pains but…an hour later, after breakfast, I am forcing myself to do my exercise routine. I never feel worse, sometimes feel a bunch better. Follow a video with volume turned low if you can, while listening to music or radio, so you can go on automatic pilot OR choose to focus on the exercise.

Hi allergic - I, too, am a shallow breather! That's so strange, isn't it?? I also have sleep apnea as well. I have noticed a few people here that are on oxygen for night time! Thanks so much for your info!! Love, Laurie

Capefibro - a lot of people have been telling me to exercise more and I am now really paying attention to what people have to say about exercise. I think I got kind of lazy about it, because sometimes it hurts so much. But I planned for the New Year to do more for myself and I am going to keep this promise. Thanks!! Laurie