Ben's Friends makes CNN, make sure to check out Armando's blog about this!

This exposure is a very big deal, though short, it explained the mission and success of Ben's Friends beautifully!

Thanks SK for posting this. I have no television as we are in the midst of a feirce blizzard with strong winds and blowing snow. A friend told me that they closed the highway that goes through our town because there were so many cars in the ditch.

My computer was off and on today as well.

But thanks to your posting of this I was able to read it.


You are welcome, I wanted to make sure everyone could read this, as we don't always make it to the blog page.

Hopefully you are able to stay in when the weather is so dangerous! I used to have to cross two mountains to and from work, as my son does now, and have seen terrible accidents and pile ups due snow and ice.

Please stay warm and safe!

Holy moly, that probably will equal a huge increase in traffic to Ben's Friends' various sites. Maybe some world renown doctor will see our fibro site and devote himself to finding us a cure...and comes up with something quickly....a girl can dream...

Please stay safe, Rachel. That sounds like one heck of a nasty blizzard. I hope your power stays on and no one is hurt during the storm.

Take care.

SK, thanks for posting this. It seems only appropriate that all of Ben's Friends should be able to read the article. And I didn't realize that Ben's Friends partnered with other organizations, which is cool. But gosh, I feel like Little Orphan Annie by having our illness referred to as an "orphan illness." Seriously, though, I would think that some of the illnesses on Ben's Friends are not really rare or even orphan illnesses. Like fibro and ADD. So many people either have fibro or know someone who does. Every time I mention having it someone has a response of having it or knowing someone with it. Whoever makes an effective treatment for fibro will end up being a rich man (or woman.)

WOW !!! That was so awesome to read !! I had such a warm loving feeling while reading it, just knowing I’m apart of what they were talking about , made me feel such a great sense of pride & joy. !!

Thanks for sharing this !!
Hugs & blessings

Thanks Petunia. Today the sun came out and the snow stopped. It was quite a beautiful day when you looked outside at the accumulation of snow. I didn't hear how much snow we got. It's hard to judge when the wind blows the snow into drifts.It reminded me of the meringue on top of a lemon pie. I stayed in my house. By this afternoon I just had to let my cats out for quite awhile. I think they spent the time on the deck observing the world.

Gentle hugs