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Bella, my toy Aussie

Many of you know that my toy Aussie’s puppy pic is my avatar. Bella is like a therapy dog to me, especially since I now work from home. Here is a “grown up” pic of Miss Bella. (She only has one “good” eye, but I think she’s beautiful!)


oh she is so cute I bet you spoil her but who could resist that wee face hope you are well.

She is absolutely gorgeous!! I certainly understand our love for our fur babies who are members of the family!!! I was devastated when I lost my Anny after 16 1/2 years. Molly is wonderful but she barks all the time. I don’t know if that is the breed or because she came from a shelter. But either way, I love her just as much!! Thank you for sharing!!!

She’s adorable! I love aussies! We lost our Taz, a pomeranian who lived up to his name, several years ago. I was actually looking for an aussie, but none were available. We ended up getting Sadie, a cavachon. She’s half king charles cavalier and half bichon. She’s been the sweetest lap dog we’ve ever had!
I love Bella’s markings and that sweet smile on her face!

Thank you, ladies! And thanks for sharing your fur baby stories! :blush:
Bella tells me when it is time to stop working and take a break and when it is time to play. She will drop a toy in front of me and push at me with her nose (She thinks I need encouragement, and, sometimes, to be herded - LOL). It is amazing how even the little Aussies have that herding instinct.

I just love that picture! My little 6 pound chihuahua is sitting on my lap right now. His name is Max. I adopted him one year ago. The shelter did not have any information about him. They think he is 8 yrs old. His is nearly deaf and my vet thinks he may have been hit by a car at some point because his right back leg is almost flaccid and his left back leg doesn’t move like it should. He is so precious and super funny! I feel like we were meant to be with each other. We both walk funny and we both are funny!!:joy::rofl::woman_facepalming: Chihuahuas can live to be 20 yrs old. Oh, and Max loves everyone! I wish I was techy enough to send a picture of him.

“I wish I was techy enough to send a picture of him.”
Ohh there’s nothing too much techy about sending a pic, especially if you have a copy of the pic on your computer.

When you click reply, At the top of the text box on the left there’s a ‘speech bubble’, then B for BOLD or ‘strong’, then an I for Italic or ‘emphasis’ etc
The 7th button is a picture frame or ‘Upload’.
Click it and up will pop an “add an image” box. If you have a copy on your computer system of the picture you wish to share Click on ‘From my device’
Then click ‘Browse’ and locate the image from your files.
Double click the file and the address will automatically appear, then Click ‘Upload’
And the pic will appear on your post.

Now, just to check that I’ve got that right, here’s a pic of my mutt wanting a belly rub
"Ohh please rub my belly. pleeaasseee "

Merl from the Moderator Support Team

Thank you Merl. Your dog is so cute!

My son’s Mini Aussie BelAir. She is a hoot! Love her to pieces!

Freedom, your pup sounds adorable!!! I had a 6 lb yorkie in the past, and they are so fun to carry around and cuddle at that size! :blush:

Merl, I love your baby!!! SO CUTE!!! Don’t they go crazy for tummy rubs?! :upside_down_face:

Zananne1, what a precious & beautiful pup!!! And, I love her name. She looks like she’s saying, “Let’s go play!” These Aussies have energy to spare - That’s for sure! :grinning:

2Blessed, can you share a pic of Sadie? I bet she’s gorgeous! :blush: What would we do without our fur babies?!

GramyB, can you share pic of Molly? I’ve heard such great things about her, in your posts. I think she keeps you moving, just like Bella does me!!! :blush: